Tuesday, December 23, 2008

26 Weeks!!!!

Jeremy & Lindsey

Levi, Lindsey, Mom, Diesel, Carly

Merry Christmas!

This weekend was a blast with my Mom & Carly here. We managed to fill the past couple of days with shopping, eating, and visiting.... good times! They even decided to surprise us & stay an extra day. We had so much fun. My mom whipped us up a southern home cooked meal & it was divine, as always. I am sure, once again, that superb Jackie Boone meal left Jeremy puzzled as to why that cooking gene didn't get passed onto his wife. I am working on it! Progress, it's all about progress. My mom & Carly did (finally!) get to feel Hutch move- that was very exciting! He was a very active dude this weekend.

So, today is Christmas Eve Eve, and it feels so wierd having to work tomorrow. In the famous words of Carly Boone, "Double boo!!!!" I am about to whip up some goodies, because hopefully the girls & I at work can make things more fun by bringing in some festive food

Being able to spend the next week with our families makes having to work tomorrow & Friday totally worth it. We are so excited & can't wait to hit the road! Here are our fav places to go when traveling to our hometowns:

1) Rosas's Tortilla Factory
2) Taco Villa
3) La Margarita
4) West Odessa

1) Vasilio's
2) Keifer's
3) Krystal's
4) Hal & Mal's
5) Rooster's
6) Utica
7) Fondren
8) Alumni House
9) McAllisters
10) Highland Village
11) Inside Story
12) Mazzio's Pizza

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I jumped on!

The bandwagon, that is! Yah! I am SO hooked on my friends blogs (thank you, Leahbeth, Natalie, and Lauren), I just couldn't resist. AND, with little Hutch on the way, this is such an excellent way to share pics & stories with our friends and family. LOVE IT. Goodbye MySpace, hello blog!

So, what is going on with us these days? Getting ready for the holidays right now. Jeremy & I will be spending our first Christmas by ourselves. Even Levi & Deisel are leaving us to be in MS for Christmas. Carly so generously offered to swing by Austin (very out of the way) otw to MS to pick up the dogs. Somehow, she convinced my mom to fly to Houston to make the trip with her. So, we are super psyched about them coming on Sat. They will be here until Monday- woo hoo! We will be driving to Odessa the day after Christmas & staying thru NYE. Then, off to Jackson to ring in the New Year at Hal & Mal's with my family. We will be in Jackson thru the 4th. Lots of driving, but it will all be worth it.

So, although it will just be Jeremy & I on Christmas, I think it will be really fun. I am not cooking, if you are wondering. We were going to see a movie. That is up until I convinced Jeremy to go see Australia with me this past weekend. Jeremy has since vowed to never go see another movie again. It was SO long, and we were expecting an action packed movie. Um, nooooo. Don't get me wrong- I love a good romantic cheesy movie any day of the week. Jeremy? Yeah, not so much. Needless to say, 3 hours later, I kissed my Christmas movie goodbye.

Other than the holidays, we are just getting ready for little Hutch to arrive! We are planning on getting started on the nursery after the holidays. Casey & I talked about some ideas this weekend, and I can't wait! She is a genius with this stuff & Hutch is going to have the coolest room every.

Gotta run...Jeremy is studying for his CPA, so it's his turn for the computer. More soon!