Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

This weekend was a blast with my Mom & Carly here. We managed to fill the past couple of days with shopping, eating, and visiting.... good times! They even decided to surprise us & stay an extra day. We had so much fun. My mom whipped us up a southern home cooked meal & it was divine, as always. I am sure, once again, that superb Jackie Boone meal left Jeremy puzzled as to why that cooking gene didn't get passed onto his wife. I am working on it! Progress, it's all about progress. My mom & Carly did (finally!) get to feel Hutch move- that was very exciting! He was a very active dude this weekend.

So, today is Christmas Eve Eve, and it feels so wierd having to work tomorrow. In the famous words of Carly Boone, "Double boo!!!!" I am about to whip up some goodies, because hopefully the girls & I at work can make things more fun by bringing in some festive food

Being able to spend the next week with our families makes having to work tomorrow & Friday totally worth it. We are so excited & can't wait to hit the road! Here are our fav places to go when traveling to our hometowns:

1) Rosas's Tortilla Factory
2) Taco Villa
3) La Margarita
4) West Odessa

1) Vasilio's
2) Keifer's
3) Krystal's
4) Hal & Mal's
5) Rooster's
6) Utica
7) Fondren
8) Alumni House
9) McAllisters
10) Highland Village
11) Inside Story
12) Mazzio's Pizza

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  1. do they have anything besides mexican/tex-mex in odessa?!?!?! hehe!! and really, krystals?? ya'll are crazy!

    can't wait to see you guys!