Sunday, January 18, 2009


So, I guess you could say the "nesting" phase of my pregnancy has begun. The crib has been purchased, bedding picked up, nursery painted, new blinds positioned, etc. , etc. It's like, I just can't stop! I am addicted to getting this room completed, and while that may be natural for any new mom, I want it done in the quickest way possible. Poor Jeremy. Being the accountant that he is, I am sure he just hears cash registers & sees dollar signs as I am constantly spouting off my newest ideas. This morning I said I would like to make a trip to Ikea next weekend to pick out some new lights & other miscellaneous things for the house. He hates making the pilgrimage to the Ikea maze, but it looks like he will be along for that journey. I think my grand schemes have scared him just enough to come along & supervise my purchasing.

Yesterday, I had a total Lindsey day. Jeremy, with the help of Jarrod & Nick, worked on painting the outside of our house. I went to Target & just kindof roamed up and down random aisles. No time contraints, no where I had to was lovely. Then, I decided to take in "Hotel for Dogs." My cousin, Johnny Simmons, actually has a pretty big part in this movie. It was pretty neat to see him play such a large role. The movie was really cute- definitely targeted more towards kids- but it was cute nonetheless. Plus, it definitely hit home for the dog lover that I am. I decided not to go see Marley & Me b/c my emotions have been super crazy lately & I have heard it is a real tear jerker. BUT, I managed to loose it even in "Hotel for Dogs." Here I am a grown woman, surrounded by kids & their parents (the theater was pretty packed), and the minute they show a scene with pound dogs locked up in cages, I just loose it. These were no gentle tears either, my friends, I am talking about pulling out the kleenex & blowing my nose, I can't make myself stop tears.

SO, because I have no new pictures to post & that movie just made me want to go home & give our dogs some lovin', I am posting some pics of Levi & Diesel.....we love you guys!

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  1. I was a BIG nester! I think that I still am really! Hope all is well!!