Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Revisiting the 80s

So, yesterday I had to make a trip up north to conduct a training class, and on the way home, I happened upon "Love Bites" by Def Leppard while skimming thru the radio. I know what you are all thinking....."What a find & a what a jam!" Of course, I cranked it as loud as it could go & just sang my little heart out. Once done, I started thinking back to how much I loved 80s music. I loved the big hair bands. While Haley & Carly were obsessing with NKOTB, I was dreaming of all my favorite rockers. In fact, I specifically remember in 3rd grade daydreaming that Axl Rose, Brett Michaels, and Bon Jovi would appear at my classroom door saying they were there to wisk me away from my dreadful English class. This is not a lie. I really use to dream this little dream. I can picture those 3 studs walking up to my classrom (they had to access the classroom via sidewalk b/c my classroom was actually a trailor, or as we preferred to call it- a portable.) Anyways, I can see them now heading up that sidewalk covered in leather with their long hair blowing the wind. Never happened, though. Oh, at least a 3rd grader can dream....

So, Love Bites inspired me to do what I have been meaning to do for quite some time now. Create an 80's fav mix CD. I did a little research & compiled a list. I called Jeremy & ran my list by him & asked if he thought I was leaving anything out, and his response was, "Yeah, how about some songs with quality." Oh, he just doesn't understand.

So, here is what I included on my 80s mix. Don't worry, Alissa- I already have you a copy.

1. Poison- Something to Believe In (this was a hard choice- I used to LOVE Poison)

2. Cinderella- Don't Know What You've Got (remember this video? He was playing the piano on
the beach & I think he had scarves or something tied around his head.)

3. White Snake- When the Children Cry (used to own the single)

4. Skid Row- 18 in Life (how can you forget the nose ring that connected to the ear? How did
that ever go out of style????)

5. Skid Row- I Remember You

6. Peter Gabriel- Your Eyes (need I explain??? I just think, John Cusak)

7. Don Henley- Boys of Summer (this has actually made it to many of my mixes b/c I just love
this song)

8. Toto- Africa (thanks, Jeremy, for re-introducing this song to me!)

9. Starship- We Built This City (just a good ole jam)

10. Patrick Swayze- She's Like the Wind (Ok, really, who knew Patrick could sing? Nobody puts
Baby in the corner!)

11. Pet Shop Boys- West End Girls (don't remember being a fan as a kid, but a fun song)

12. Paula Abdul- Cold Hearted Snake (this is SO much fun to sing to)

13. Tom Petty & Stevie Nicks- Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (Stevie Nicks is my fav female
singer, hands down. I love her voice!)

14. Great White- Once Bitten Twice Shy (can you have an 80s mix without this? I don't think
that is allowed)

15. Bon Jovi- Wanted Dead or Alive (Richie Sambora XOXO....actually, not so much anymore,
but back in the day. This song has SO many it!)

Mary Straton, I love your song lists, so I have to give you credit for my inspiration to share my mix!


  1. Oh MY! Just seeing the song list gives me a good feeling. It amazes me how songs can give an immediate feeling of the times! The good old days with NO worries. Completely carefree! I hope my kids can experience that! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Where's my copy? I love Sebastian Bach.

  3. Too funny. I was just thinking...I hope she made me a copy!! I can jam to it on the way home from Austin!!!