Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Long Time, No Blog...

It has been forever, it seems, since I last blogged. I don't really have an excuse- we certainly haven't been busy- just waiting! To be perfectly honest, I just haven't really had anything interesting to really blog about! We are super pumped today, however. My parents & sisters are en route as we speak to Austin. After meeting with my doctor yesterday, she decided to go ahead & have me check in to the hospital tonight so we can get things ready for me to be induced tomorrow. Needless to say, we are SO excited & super nervous. Last night, Jeremy & I were watching TV, and we realized that it was our last night in our house by ourselves. Wow, talk about surreal! We just sat there & let that sink in for a few minutes. We just can't believe that it is finally here....we can't wait to meet our little man!

SO, looks like he should be here sometime on Thursday, if everything goes according to plan! Jeremy & I decided to take off today to get ready & enjoy our last day of freedom. He is out kayacking on Lady Bird Lake right at this moment. I am just going thru my mental checklist to make sure everything is ready to go & our bags are packed. It was so odd leaving work yesterday knowing that I won't be back to work until mid-June. Crazy!

Please keep us in your prayers throughout the next few days & I will blog more as soon as I can! XOXO!


  1. Love you and I'm thinking about you guys!! Can't wait to see pics of Hutch with his Mommy and Daddy!!!

  2. Keep us posted. Can't wait to hear all about it!