Sunday, March 22, 2009

We Love Our Little Boy!

Long limbs- Hutch has such long legs & arms- they are so cute!Taking in his new home...his eyes are so big & dark blue right now. We are sure they will turn to brown any day now.

At the hospital

Aunt Carly & Aunt Haley the day after Hutch was born

Proud Mama

The Grandmothers!

Dad shortly after Hutch was born- we couldn't believe how alert he was!

RIGHT after Hutch was born- I think this is such a cute picture!
We are so glad to be home, and Hutch is slowing adjusting to his new life. Last night was our first night here, and as expected, there was little sleep. It was so great to bring him home- he is slowly taking everything in & just trying to figure out what exactly is going on here. We made it home from the hospital around 3:00- we were greeted at home by our wonderful families & some friends. Hutch experienced his first cookout- it was quite the welcome home party. Things are bit more quiet now- everyone has headed back home except for my Mom. She will be here all week to help out- we are so glad to have her here! As any new proud parent would, I am sure that most of my posts will now be cute pics taken of Hutch. I will write more soon!


  1. Lindsey, he's just beautiful!! I was thinking about you all weekend!! Can't wait to meet the little guy. PLEASE don't hesitate to call me with questions or just to talk! love ya'll!

  2. He is awesome! And you look great, my friend! Can't wait to meet him!