Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hutch Photo Updates

Yes, Hutch is kickin' a mohawk these days. Actually, we call it the "faux-hawk." How cool is that. How often do you see a 1 month old with a faux-hawk wearing a cowboy boot onesie? Hmmm... please reference below details on this little number. Just got it in the mail today from our dear friends, the Popes!

He even kicks the 'hawk at nap time. And, as you can see, it makes him very happy.

Our little cowboy. Thanks for the AWESOME new outfit & blanket, Jay & Michelle! I know he is crying, but he really loves it. And, notice how it already fits him. You guys were so thoughtful! What a great gift- Hutch will be the best dressed kid in Austin. Isn't he a handsome little Texan.

First Road Trip- Odessa Bound

Levi & Diesel keeping watch

Hutch loves his Great-Aunt Myrtle. He is always up for a good cuddle.

Makin' His Mamma Proud

Let me first apologize to everyone in our families who have already heard this story. I just had to share it with everyone else because it is just too funny to not pass along. So, Hutch had his first professional portraits done Monday at JC Penny's. I was looking for somewhere cheap & close to our house so I could get a few 1 month pics of him. After being there for only about 5 minutes I was already irritated & unhappy with the service because the girl who was helping me gave me completely different information than the really friendly girl who scheduled my appointment over the phone. I will spare you the details b/c they are not very relevant to the main point of my story today. Let's just say I was a very irritated customer within the first 15 minutes of being there.

So, the JC Penny girl, we will just call her JC bc I didn't get her name, asks me to get him undressed so she can take a few naked pics of him. I shed his clothing & as I am about to place him on the set up she has put together (nothing fancy, mind you, just a couple of styrofoam blocks covered with a black sheet to match the black background curtain), she says, "Ok, place him on his stomach, and let's do this quick. Hopefully, he won't pee on everything." Excuse me? Don't newborns always pee all over EVERYTHING? Is this her first newborn photo shoot? So, she turns around to do something, and as I lay Hutch down on his not so little belly, I whisper in his ear, "Hutch, if you have ever had to tinkle, do it now. I want you to just let it all out- give it all you got." And I walk away. Meanwhile, JC starts snapping a few shots, and then she goes to pick him up to hand him to me. All of I sudden, she says, "OOOOOOOOHHHH, gross. He has peed all over this thing. Great. Just great. Ugh. Why don't you take him and go put a diaper on him?" I just replied with a big smile on my face, "Oh no! Why, I am so sorry!" I pick up Hutch & say, "Atta boy! You made your Mamma proud today, little man. That's a way to show that mean lady! The only thing you could have done better was waited until she went to pick you up!"

So, after I put his diaper on him, I take him back over to her. She says we will do some more pics with just his diaper on him. She follows that up by saying, "You know, we would do more without a diaper, but newborns just go to the bathroom all over everything. That means we have to clean these curtains & it is just alot of work & it takes a long time." Ok, I know what you are thinking. I should have just left at this point. Even as I am typing this, I regret not just scooping that little dude up & hittin' the highway. I basically responded with, "You know, considering you guys are a portrait studio & you advertise for taking newborn pics, I am surprised you aren't more prepared for this." I know, pretty good comeback, huh? Haha... She didn't really respond, but I think she realized how mad I was b/c she was like a different person the rest of our time there. Very friendly & she gave me $25 off. But, as with my facial masque experience, I have learned yet another lesson. Avoid JC Penny's for my baby pics. The pictures turned out ok, actually, but totally not worth it having to put up with that kind of service.

Main point of this story is that Hutch had his proudest moment yet on that day. I can't wait until he is old enough to really appreciate what he did. I know that his Dad & I couldn't have been happier with him. :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Facial Masque Let Down

Can I just vent for second? So, about 2 weeks ago & I ventured out to the mall to pick up some foundation from Clinique. It was bonus time at Macy's, so perfect timing. So, I am standing in line behind about 4 women and totally eavesdropping on what they were each picking up. It's just like when you are in line in the grocery store & check out what everyone else is buying. Anyways, so I probably observed about 6 different women making purchases from different Clinique professionals. They were all there for the same thing. No kidding. This would be the Clinique Total Turnaround Facial Masque. Just sounds life altering, does it not? So, you know, when I overhear the first 2 ladies scoop this up, I thought, "Hmmm...must be good stuff." Then another customer requested a tube..then another. By this point, I was thinking, "What is this stuff!? I want some! It must be a miracle cream!" So, I have this debate in my head..."Should I really buy a facial masque? I don' t need to spend money on this. But it has to work. Every person before me at this counter has picked up this bottled concoction. What if they run out? What if they sell out & I miss out on this great opportunity to make me look like I am in my 20's again? Oh, wait I am in my 20's. Early 20's- that is what I want. What if I don't get it & I get home & think, Wow, I really should have bought that stuff. Now I have go all the way back to the mall. And they may be sold out. I'm on board. Sign me up for this miracle masque. " Well, then I find out it is $39. Wow. I don't even spend $5 on facial masque at Target. I debate more in my head. I will spare you the play by play. I take the plunge in the end. It is all said & done when I ask the counter professionals what all the hype is about. They respond, "OMG, this stuff is wooooonderfullllll. Look at my skin. It is so great & worth every penny." Well, of course I will take it!

I might as well have thrown my money out the window on the way to the mall. I have since used this about 3 times each week for the past 2 weeks (as per the recommendations). My skin feels totally the same. It is not as smooth as the skin on my baby's butt (this was one thing I was really hoping for.) Even right after I rub it in & rinse it feels just like it did before I applied. I don't get it. Am I doing something wrong? Or am I just one of the many to take the bait??

The whole point of this is to send a message out to all of you who are Clinique fans. I took one for the team- the miracle facial is not all it is cracked up to be!

Have a great weekend! :) We are heading to Odessa to visit Jeremy's family!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thank Goodness it's Thursday...

It is almost the weekend! Yay! This week has been good so far. Hutch experienced his first picnic yesterday...he slept thru the entire thing! It seems like anywhere we go, he sleeps the entire time. He loves riding in the car, as I am sure most babies do. We had a great time picnicing, however, even if he has no recollection of our time spent doing so. We met Jeremy, and our cousin Amy at Barton Springs. Despite being a bit windy, it was beautiful out. I intended on taking some pics of Hutch, but considering he spent the entire hour in his carseat/ stroller, I decided I would refrain. I picked up our lunch at Whole Foods, and I accidentaly dropped my small purse in the parking lot (containing my cell & wallet). Note to self: placing items in the bottom of the stroller will not remain in the stroller when you fold it up to place in trunk. That was my first time using the stroller, so I learned a valuable lesson. Thankfully, someone turned it in, so no harm done. I will definitely be more careful in the future.

Baby Wise...anyone ever used this book? We have friends that have sworn by it, so we are giving it a shot. It mainly focuses on getting your baby on a schedule with eating & sleeping. It's main point is to make sure you baby knows that you & your spouse are the boss...not the baby. You, as parents, determine when your child will eat & sleep. We have been working on a schedule for a little over a week now, and things are getting easier, but we really have to work on the sleeping thing. It is so hard not to rock him to sleep...or try different places for him to sleep if the crib doesn't work. Per Baby Wise, you have to put him to sleep in his bed everytime throughout the day. If he cries, know what his cries mean. It's a bit of tough love, but I think it is going to be pretty helpful. The book states that if we follow its guidelines, he should be sleeping thru the night by 8 weeks. We shall see....

I jumped on the Facebook bandwagon! I finally gave Am I the last one on the planet to sign up for this? I don' t think I have yet to not find a person on there. I am pretty amazed at how addictive this deal seems to be. There are people that changed their status or posted comments on their "wall" about 5 times within just a few hours. That is nuts! It is fun to catch up with people I have not talked to in forever.

We are heading to Odessa tomorrow. I am really excited! Jeremy's Mom is having a ton of family & friends over to meet our little man. This will be his first out of town trip! Jeremy is also taking part one of the CPA tomorrow....keep him in your prayers! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We have had a great Easter weekend. Jeremy's parents came in town this weekend, so we were able to get some sleep! Yay! Last night, we took Hutch to the County Line, so he was able to experience his first Texas Bar-b-que joint. I don't think he was too impressed, however, as he slept thru the whole trip. Here he is today, on Easter morning, in the same outift we took him home in from the hospital. It actually fits him now- 3 weeks later!

Hutch's first Easter- the Easter bunny even stopped by our house for the occasion.

Just Chillin'...

He was overjoyed by his Easter basket....obviously. We cooked lunch for Jeremy's parents & Jarrod today for Easter. Jeremy grilled out some steaks & shrimp. I made one of my MS fav's- green bean casserole. Can you really cook a holiday lunch without a casserole? Um, I don't think you can. Not where I am from anyways. Lisa, I know you read the blog from time to time- we used your recipe & it was just divine! We polished off lunch with a homemade blackberry pie in honor of Doug's bday. Yes, I made a pie! Well, not the crust, but everything else. Not bad, might I add. It was a great Easter & so special with our little one here!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hutch is 3 Weeks Old!!!!

Yes indeed, our son has a comb-over! It is so funny b/c he has so much hair & it just keeps growing. He has one patch on the back of his head that is pretty thick & it naturally just goes over to the side. It is really funny.

Wide- eyed. His eyes are still blue, so we are taking as many pics as we can before the inevitable happens- they turn brown.

Naked pics. He was not happy.

Check out those guns. I think this is just hilarious- his arm muscles look so big! Never too early to start teaching your kids a healthy lifestyle by getting them to the gym.

Music in the Maxima

So, I have a guilty habit of only listening to the same old bands all the time. I hate listening to songs I can't sing to, which often prevents me from ventruing out of my music comfort zone. Jeremy, on the other hand, tends to venture out quite often. He will typically discover a new band, and I will eject the cd/ shuffle up the ipod and revisit the old standby's as soon as he is out of sight. Casey has a new fav band everytime I see her. As time passes, however, I do tend to get curious, so I will have a listen to some of these recommended jams. I usually discover that I have been missing out on some really good tunes. This has happened so many times, you would think I'd have learned my lesson by now. Here are the bands I have discovered by digging thru the pile of CDs tossed into my backseat.

Band of Horses- by far still my fav band since I happened upon this CD back about year ago.
Fleet Foxes- Very "Band of Horses" ish. It's just pretty music.
The Shins- fun jams- the kind you want to just crank with your windows down
Clay Nightengale- local San Marcos musician. Very quirky lyrics.
Drive By Truckers- Fun lyrics & just good ole southern rock. Great in concert, also, may I add.

One of these days, maybe I will decide to discover a band for myself. You know, take credit for happening upon some new piece of talent. For now, though, I will just sing along to some old familiar tracks...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Things I Have Learned

#1- One of my favorite quotes from college was "I will sleep when I am dead." (Natalie, do I have you to thank for that one? You seem to come to mind) No, no, no. I want to sleep NOW. In fact, as Jeremy said last night, I want to go back in time and make up sleep for all the sleep I lost. I knew I would loose sleep when Hutch arrived, but, wow. The past 2 nights & days, Hutch has decided that he does not like to sleep. Well, he likes to act like he is asleep until I tip toe to the couch, rocker, our bed, guest bed, slab of concrete, what have you, and close my eyes. Just as I get comfy & Levi snuggles up close ready for some one-on-one quality time, I hear the squirming. I then hear the little whimpers & little shouts. Then the full, mouth wide open, let everyone in the neighborhood please please hear me, screaming crying. Levi is really funny, actually, b/c he is so obvioulsy irritated. He sighs very loudly, then he just looks at me, and then looks at Hutch with such frustration on his face. He then lets out these loud grunts. He sounds like an old man. It is really funny.

#2- Slumdog Millionaire does not come across as quite the award winner when it takes you 2 days to watch it. I have been so excited about seeing this movie. SO excited. I started to watch it yesterday morning, and I finally finished it 24 hours later. I started, paused, and rewound that movie so many times, I really have no clue what happened. I mean, I have a general idea, and it was really good, however, part of me wants to just pop it in & watch it from start to finish all over again. I think I would have appreciated it much more.

#3- Thank Goodness for DVR. Ok, it is a known fact that daytime TV is nothing to get excited about. I have become fascinated with the DVR function now that I am home during the day. If anything remotely interesting is coming on TV at night, I record it. That way, I have options to watch what I want during the day. Here are my favs- Keeping up with Kardashians, The Hills, House Hunters, Saturday Night Live, and The Office. I am starting to experiment with new shows, so if anyone has any suggestions, please pass them along. I am thinking about trying out Southland and Parks and Recreation.

#4- I have go-itis. Jeremy brought this to my attention this week. I think being home so much during the day is making me a bit stir crazy. I have booked our social calendar thru June, and I just have this desire to LEAVE. You know, load up the family & just GO somewhere whenever I can. I want to go to lunch. I want to go out of town. Anywhere. Just get me out. Jeremy? Yeah, not so much. We have always been big travelers, with alot of our friends and family not living in Austin. It seems like for a while, we were always going to Houston, Dallas, Jackson, Odessa...well, obviously, that has slowed down significantly. Well, if I have anything to say about it, not for long! Get me on that road! Want some visitors? Call me! We will be there! haha!

#5- I want layers. Yeah, not much more detail I can give on that one. My hair is so boring, I am ready to get a new do. Nothing too crazy, just something a little more fun. I plan on knocking that out this weekend. Just thought I would share that, since it technically is something I have learned this week about myself.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Just a Couple Things...

This was on Friday- we had our first outing. We went to meet Jeremy for lunch at McAllister's. Then, I swung by my office so Hutch could meet a few friends. I wasn't planning on getting him out, but it was such a beautiful day & I was going a bit stir crazy.

Isn't he just a little cutie...

#1- I saw the saddest movie I think I have ever seen today. I had recieved proper warning from all those who have seen this movie before, but it did not even begin to prepare me for the tears to come. I don't think I have ever cried so hard during a movie. What movie was it? Marley and Me. I mean, really? Did they have to go into such detail at the end? About 45 minutes before the ending, I was literally curled up on the couch holding Levi in my shaking arms sobbing uncontrollably. I am sure most of you have already seen it, but the part where Jennifer Aniston yells at Marley b/c she is so stressed & just exhausted after having her first child totally hit home. I have not yelled at Levi, but this week his signs of envy have definitely started to make themselves known. Last night he was so excited & he jumped up on the couch & just walked right over Hutch. Jeremy got onto him, so what we think was his response, he went & lifted his leg on Hutch's ottoman. When I got up to feed Hutch last night, Levi got out of bed & followed with his head hung low. He then jumped up into the chair with us & just put his head on my knee & pouted. I have really tried to make sure I am still giving him is obviously a challenge, but I am trying. During my Marley & Me sobbing, he just looked at me like I was crazy. Diesel was present also, but being the independent, non- touchy dog that he is, he was on another chair looking at me like I had lost my mind.

#2- Back to Book Club. Just a quick note on this- April's book was Twilight! Yay!!!! At our meeting on Wed., we are actually watching the movie. W00-hoo! I was not present at the March meeting, but a huge "high 5" to all the ladies for picking out this winner of a combo. I can't wait to watch it again!

#3- Hutch Update...all is well with the little dude...we just started a feeding schedule for him & that is really going well so far. We have been able to monitor how much he is eating & he is sleeping more throughout the night. It has been a little bit of a challenge, but nothing like what I expected. He had his 2 week checkup on Friday & everything looks great! His jaundice (sp?) is pretty much gone, so that is such a relief. He is now weighing 9 lbs 3 oz, so he is a bit of a little chunk, and that is ok with us. He is just getting cuter by the day, I think. And he is just so happy all the time..the only time he really cries is when he is hungry. I love how he just sits there & takes everything in. It is so cute.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Not Just a Nasty Rumor

I had heard that when you have a child, expect sleepless nights. I always laughed and would respond, "Yeah, is that true? I have heard that but just thought it was a nasty rumor! haha..." And then I thought, "Well, maybe Hutch will be one of those dream children. You know, give me 8 hours right off the bat."

This child parties all night & sleeps all day. Mom, please come back. :) The nights have actually been a bit hit & miss. Last night he was up until 2, and then slept off and on until around 9. Of course, as soon as daylight came, he was out for a solid 3 hours. Then, up the rest of the day. I have heard that you have to adjust your schedule to your baby's. That is much easier said than done. When he sleeps, I am rushing around trying to do things I can't do when he is awake, such as clean, wash clothes, etc., etc. I am sure I will learn one of these days. I think the worst is when he cries & nothing you do can soothe him. Bottle? Um, no. Pacifier? No thanks. Boppy swing? Nope. Shoulder to cry on? Absolutely. And, wow, does this little man have a set of lungs. He can wail like you would't believe.

The past few days have definitely been an experience. It is amazing how you can love something so much! Even though he is only 2 weeks old, he already has his own personality & little things that he does. I am really looking forward to getting him out & doing fun things like taking him to the park & such.

I am slowly learning. It has been a bit challenging & I always ask myself, " Am I doing ok? What if I am doing something wrong? Does he know how much we love him? Can he tell?" I think all new moms go thru this. I guess that is just part of the whole experience.

We rec'd excellent news today- Haley will be coming in town to stay with Hutch when I go back to work (mid June) thru the end of August. Yay!!!! We were not 100% about the day care I chose, and not really sure what to do. Haley suggested out of the blue that she would love to come hang out in TX for a couple months before taking on her latest planned adventure (India). Needless to say, we are so relieved & thrilled that Hutch will get some time to spend with his Aunt Haley. Carly, looks like she may have just taken the lead.

Gotta go...should be sleeping! :)