Friday, April 17, 2009

Facial Masque Let Down

Can I just vent for second? So, about 2 weeks ago & I ventured out to the mall to pick up some foundation from Clinique. It was bonus time at Macy's, so perfect timing. So, I am standing in line behind about 4 women and totally eavesdropping on what they were each picking up. It's just like when you are in line in the grocery store & check out what everyone else is buying. Anyways, so I probably observed about 6 different women making purchases from different Clinique professionals. They were all there for the same thing. No kidding. This would be the Clinique Total Turnaround Facial Masque. Just sounds life altering, does it not? So, you know, when I overhear the first 2 ladies scoop this up, I thought, "Hmmm...must be good stuff." Then another customer requested a tube..then another. By this point, I was thinking, "What is this stuff!? I want some! It must be a miracle cream!" So, I have this debate in my head..."Should I really buy a facial masque? I don' t need to spend money on this. But it has to work. Every person before me at this counter has picked up this bottled concoction. What if they run out? What if they sell out & I miss out on this great opportunity to make me look like I am in my 20's again? Oh, wait I am in my 20's. Early 20's- that is what I want. What if I don't get it & I get home & think, Wow, I really should have bought that stuff. Now I have go all the way back to the mall. And they may be sold out. I'm on board. Sign me up for this miracle masque. " Well, then I find out it is $39. Wow. I don't even spend $5 on facial masque at Target. I debate more in my head. I will spare you the play by play. I take the plunge in the end. It is all said & done when I ask the counter professionals what all the hype is about. They respond, "OMG, this stuff is wooooonderfullllll. Look at my skin. It is so great & worth every penny." Well, of course I will take it!

I might as well have thrown my money out the window on the way to the mall. I have since used this about 3 times each week for the past 2 weeks (as per the recommendations). My skin feels totally the same. It is not as smooth as the skin on my baby's butt (this was one thing I was really hoping for.) Even right after I rub it in & rinse it feels just like it did before I applied. I don't get it. Am I doing something wrong? Or am I just one of the many to take the bait??

The whole point of this is to send a message out to all of you who are Clinique fans. I took one for the team- the miracle facial is not all it is cracked up to be!

Have a great weekend! :) We are heading to Odessa to visit Jeremy's family!

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