Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We have had a great Easter weekend. Jeremy's parents came in town this weekend, so we were able to get some sleep! Yay! Last night, we took Hutch to the County Line, so he was able to experience his first Texas Bar-b-que joint. I don't think he was too impressed, however, as he slept thru the whole trip. Here he is today, on Easter morning, in the same outift we took him home in from the hospital. It actually fits him now- 3 weeks later!

Hutch's first Easter- the Easter bunny even stopped by our house for the occasion.

Just Chillin'...

He was overjoyed by his Easter basket....obviously. We cooked lunch for Jeremy's parents & Jarrod today for Easter. Jeremy grilled out some steaks & shrimp. I made one of my MS fav's- green bean casserole. Can you really cook a holiday lunch without a casserole? Um, I don't think you can. Not where I am from anyways. Lisa, I know you read the blog from time to time- we used your recipe & it was just divine! We polished off lunch with a homemade blackberry pie in honor of Doug's bday. Yes, I made a pie! Well, not the crust, but everything else. Not bad, might I add. It was a great Easter & so special with our little one here!


  1. Oh I have the cutest nephew in the whole wide world!!!! I cannot wait to see that little dude again. Is he really 3 weeks old?? Wow, time flies!! ...easy for me to say I guess!!! haha! Love you sista!

  2. Love his outfit! And that hair is hilarious!

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