Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hutch Photo Updates

Yes, Hutch is kickin' a mohawk these days. Actually, we call it the "faux-hawk." How cool is that. How often do you see a 1 month old with a faux-hawk wearing a cowboy boot onesie? Hmmm... please reference below details on this little number. Just got it in the mail today from our dear friends, the Popes!

He even kicks the 'hawk at nap time. And, as you can see, it makes him very happy.

Our little cowboy. Thanks for the AWESOME new outfit & blanket, Jay & Michelle! I know he is crying, but he really loves it. And, notice how it already fits him. You guys were so thoughtful! What a great gift- Hutch will be the best dressed kid in Austin. Isn't he a handsome little Texan.

First Road Trip- Odessa Bound

Levi & Diesel keeping watch

Hutch loves his Great-Aunt Myrtle. He is always up for a good cuddle.

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