Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Makin' His Mamma Proud

Let me first apologize to everyone in our families who have already heard this story. I just had to share it with everyone else because it is just too funny to not pass along. So, Hutch had his first professional portraits done Monday at JC Penny's. I was looking for somewhere cheap & close to our house so I could get a few 1 month pics of him. After being there for only about 5 minutes I was already irritated & unhappy with the service because the girl who was helping me gave me completely different information than the really friendly girl who scheduled my appointment over the phone. I will spare you the details b/c they are not very relevant to the main point of my story today. Let's just say I was a very irritated customer within the first 15 minutes of being there.

So, the JC Penny girl, we will just call her JC bc I didn't get her name, asks me to get him undressed so she can take a few naked pics of him. I shed his clothing & as I am about to place him on the set up she has put together (nothing fancy, mind you, just a couple of styrofoam blocks covered with a black sheet to match the black background curtain), she says, "Ok, place him on his stomach, and let's do this quick. Hopefully, he won't pee on everything." Excuse me? Don't newborns always pee all over EVERYTHING? Is this her first newborn photo shoot? So, she turns around to do something, and as I lay Hutch down on his not so little belly, I whisper in his ear, "Hutch, if you have ever had to tinkle, do it now. I want you to just let it all out- give it all you got." And I walk away. Meanwhile, JC starts snapping a few shots, and then she goes to pick him up to hand him to me. All of I sudden, she says, "OOOOOOOOHHHH, gross. He has peed all over this thing. Great. Just great. Ugh. Why don't you take him and go put a diaper on him?" I just replied with a big smile on my face, "Oh no! Why, I am so sorry!" I pick up Hutch & say, "Atta boy! You made your Mamma proud today, little man. That's a way to show that mean lady! The only thing you could have done better was waited until she went to pick you up!"

So, after I put his diaper on him, I take him back over to her. She says we will do some more pics with just his diaper on him. She follows that up by saying, "You know, we would do more without a diaper, but newborns just go to the bathroom all over everything. That means we have to clean these curtains & it is just alot of work & it takes a long time." Ok, I know what you are thinking. I should have just left at this point. Even as I am typing this, I regret not just scooping that little dude up & hittin' the highway. I basically responded with, "You know, considering you guys are a portrait studio & you advertise for taking newborn pics, I am surprised you aren't more prepared for this." I know, pretty good comeback, huh? Haha... She didn't really respond, but I think she realized how mad I was b/c she was like a different person the rest of our time there. Very friendly & she gave me $25 off. But, as with my facial masque experience, I have learned yet another lesson. Avoid JC Penny's for my baby pics. The pictures turned out ok, actually, but totally not worth it having to put up with that kind of service.

Main point of this story is that Hutch had his proudest moment yet on that day. I can't wait until he is old enough to really appreciate what he did. I know that his Dad & I couldn't have been happier with him. :)

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  1. Well, did you get any good pictures out of the whole ordeal??!!??