Friday, April 10, 2009

Music in the Maxima

So, I have a guilty habit of only listening to the same old bands all the time. I hate listening to songs I can't sing to, which often prevents me from ventruing out of my music comfort zone. Jeremy, on the other hand, tends to venture out quite often. He will typically discover a new band, and I will eject the cd/ shuffle up the ipod and revisit the old standby's as soon as he is out of sight. Casey has a new fav band everytime I see her. As time passes, however, I do tend to get curious, so I will have a listen to some of these recommended jams. I usually discover that I have been missing out on some really good tunes. This has happened so many times, you would think I'd have learned my lesson by now. Here are the bands I have discovered by digging thru the pile of CDs tossed into my backseat.

Band of Horses- by far still my fav band since I happened upon this CD back about year ago.
Fleet Foxes- Very "Band of Horses" ish. It's just pretty music.
The Shins- fun jams- the kind you want to just crank with your windows down
Clay Nightengale- local San Marcos musician. Very quirky lyrics.
Drive By Truckers- Fun lyrics & just good ole southern rock. Great in concert, also, may I add.

One of these days, maybe I will decide to discover a band for myself. You know, take credit for happening upon some new piece of talent. For now, though, I will just sing along to some old familiar tracks...

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  1. Hey Linds, check out Phoenix and Vampire Weekend. VW is my new fave and I think you will like them!!