Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Not Just a Nasty Rumor

I had heard that when you have a child, expect sleepless nights. I always laughed and would respond, "Yeah, is that true? I have heard that but just thought it was a nasty rumor! haha..." And then I thought, "Well, maybe Hutch will be one of those dream children. You know, give me 8 hours right off the bat."

This child parties all night & sleeps all day. Mom, please come back. :) The nights have actually been a bit hit & miss. Last night he was up until 2, and then slept off and on until around 9. Of course, as soon as daylight came, he was out for a solid 3 hours. Then, up the rest of the day. I have heard that you have to adjust your schedule to your baby's. That is much easier said than done. When he sleeps, I am rushing around trying to do things I can't do when he is awake, such as clean, wash clothes, etc., etc. I am sure I will learn one of these days. I think the worst is when he cries & nothing you do can soothe him. Bottle? Um, no. Pacifier? No thanks. Boppy swing? Nope. Shoulder to cry on? Absolutely. And, wow, does this little man have a set of lungs. He can wail like you would't believe.

The past few days have definitely been an experience. It is amazing how you can love something so much! Even though he is only 2 weeks old, he already has his own personality & little things that he does. I am really looking forward to getting him out & doing fun things like taking him to the park & such.

I am slowly learning. It has been a bit challenging & I always ask myself, " Am I doing ok? What if I am doing something wrong? Does he know how much we love him? Can he tell?" I think all new moms go thru this. I guess that is just part of the whole experience.

We rec'd excellent news today- Haley will be coming in town to stay with Hutch when I go back to work (mid June) thru the end of August. Yay!!!! We were not 100% about the day care I chose, and not really sure what to do. Haley suggested out of the blue that she would love to come hang out in TX for a couple months before taking on her latest planned adventure (India). Needless to say, we are so relieved & thrilled that Hutch will get some time to spend with his Aunt Haley. Carly, looks like she may have just taken the lead.

Gotta go...should be sleeping! :)


  1. I'm so excited that y'all have a blog!! Pictures on demand! I just love all of the newborn Hutch pictures, especially the one right after he's born where he's sitting up (held by the doc?) and also the one where he's big-eyed in white.Oh, infants are so precious!
    As far as sleeping goes, the first month with Bruce I'd get up with him and change him all the time until I discovered, as we call it now, the "Kim Lazy." I'd highly recommend the Kim Lazy. I put the baby in bed with me (don't worry your instinct won't let you roll onto him) and either put a pillow between the baby and Jeremy or have him sleep in another room. Then when the baby wakes up, just roll over, "hook the kid up," and fall back asleep. I've done this with both kids. It is a win-win for everyone!And just remember, it seems like they'll never sleep through the night but this is such a short time that it will pass. :)

  2. Aw, Lindsey... :) Keep your chin up!! A "new mommy" friend of mine suggested a book about baby sleeping habits called Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. She swears by it. Good luck sweet girl! Keep posting!!

  3. Oh no, no, no!!! Haley will be settled in India when Hutch says his first word "Tia!" Haha!!! I'm not worried. I know who the fave already is!