Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thank Goodness it's Thursday...

It is almost the weekend! Yay! This week has been good so far. Hutch experienced his first picnic yesterday...he slept thru the entire thing! It seems like anywhere we go, he sleeps the entire time. He loves riding in the car, as I am sure most babies do. We had a great time picnicing, however, even if he has no recollection of our time spent doing so. We met Jeremy, and our cousin Amy at Barton Springs. Despite being a bit windy, it was beautiful out. I intended on taking some pics of Hutch, but considering he spent the entire hour in his carseat/ stroller, I decided I would refrain. I picked up our lunch at Whole Foods, and I accidentaly dropped my small purse in the parking lot (containing my cell & wallet). Note to self: placing items in the bottom of the stroller will not remain in the stroller when you fold it up to place in trunk. That was my first time using the stroller, so I learned a valuable lesson. Thankfully, someone turned it in, so no harm done. I will definitely be more careful in the future.

Baby Wise...anyone ever used this book? We have friends that have sworn by it, so we are giving it a shot. It mainly focuses on getting your baby on a schedule with eating & sleeping. It's main point is to make sure you baby knows that you & your spouse are the boss...not the baby. You, as parents, determine when your child will eat & sleep. We have been working on a schedule for a little over a week now, and things are getting easier, but we really have to work on the sleeping thing. It is so hard not to rock him to sleep...or try different places for him to sleep if the crib doesn't work. Per Baby Wise, you have to put him to sleep in his bed everytime throughout the day. If he cries, know what his cries mean. It's a bit of tough love, but I think it is going to be pretty helpful. The book states that if we follow its guidelines, he should be sleeping thru the night by 8 weeks. We shall see....

I jumped on the Facebook bandwagon! I finally gave Am I the last one on the planet to sign up for this? I don' t think I have yet to not find a person on there. I am pretty amazed at how addictive this deal seems to be. There are people that changed their status or posted comments on their "wall" about 5 times within just a few hours. That is nuts! It is fun to catch up with people I have not talked to in forever.

We are heading to Odessa tomorrow. I am really excited! Jeremy's Mom is having a ton of family & friends over to meet our little man. This will be his first out of town trip! Jeremy is also taking part one of the CPA tomorrow....keep him in your prayers! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


  1. Hey! My friend Rebecca is addicted to Baby Wise! Her son just turned 6 months yesterday and is doing great with it. Good luck with everything!! I hope to see y'all and meet Hutch soon!

    PS - I'm about to start Facebook stalking you... :)

  2. Tell Jeremy Good Luck on the CPA exam! I will definitely be praying for him.
    Glad to hear Hutch is doing well. He sure is a cutie. I can't wait for Kehle & Kennedy to meet him!
    You are not the last one to be on facebook. I am still not on there & probably never will be. I just got my text messaging turned off again b/c I still can't reply to people! (it seems to really upset folks when they text you & then you call them back (ha!)).

  3. were you refering to me about being a Babywise fan?? b/c i sure was and still am! call me for any advice about it...i did follow its general guidelines, but there are some things you can ease up on. he's still so young that letting him sleep in a swing or bouncer for his naps are okay. like i said, call me for any discussion about it!! love you!