Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Things I Have Learned

#1- One of my favorite quotes from college was "I will sleep when I am dead." (Natalie, do I have you to thank for that one? You seem to come to mind) No, no, no. I want to sleep NOW. In fact, as Jeremy said last night, I want to go back in time and make up sleep for all the sleep I lost. I knew I would loose sleep when Hutch arrived, but, wow. The past 2 nights & days, Hutch has decided that he does not like to sleep. Well, he likes to act like he is asleep until I tip toe to the couch, rocker, our bed, guest bed, slab of concrete, what have you, and close my eyes. Just as I get comfy & Levi snuggles up close ready for some one-on-one quality time, I hear the squirming. I then hear the little whimpers & little shouts. Then the full, mouth wide open, let everyone in the neighborhood please please hear me, screaming crying. Levi is really funny, actually, b/c he is so obvioulsy irritated. He sighs very loudly, then he just looks at me, and then looks at Hutch with such frustration on his face. He then lets out these loud grunts. He sounds like an old man. It is really funny.

#2- Slumdog Millionaire does not come across as quite the award winner when it takes you 2 days to watch it. I have been so excited about seeing this movie. SO excited. I started to watch it yesterday morning, and I finally finished it 24 hours later. I started, paused, and rewound that movie so many times, I really have no clue what happened. I mean, I have a general idea, and it was really good, however, part of me wants to just pop it in & watch it from start to finish all over again. I think I would have appreciated it much more.

#3- Thank Goodness for DVR. Ok, it is a known fact that daytime TV is nothing to get excited about. I have become fascinated with the DVR function now that I am home during the day. If anything remotely interesting is coming on TV at night, I record it. That way, I have options to watch what I want during the day. Here are my favs- Keeping up with Kardashians, The Hills, House Hunters, Saturday Night Live, and The Office. I am starting to experiment with new shows, so if anyone has any suggestions, please pass them along. I am thinking about trying out Southland and Parks and Recreation.

#4- I have go-itis. Jeremy brought this to my attention this week. I think being home so much during the day is making me a bit stir crazy. I have booked our social calendar thru June, and I just have this desire to LEAVE. You know, load up the family & just GO somewhere whenever I can. I want to go to lunch. I want to go out of town. Anywhere. Just get me out. Jeremy? Yeah, not so much. We have always been big travelers, with alot of our friends and family not living in Austin. It seems like for a while, we were always going to Houston, Dallas, Jackson, Odessa...well, obviously, that has slowed down significantly. Well, if I have anything to say about it, not for long! Get me on that road! Want some visitors? Call me! We will be there! haha!

#5- I want layers. Yeah, not much more detail I can give on that one. My hair is so boring, I am ready to get a new do. Nothing too crazy, just something a little more fun. I plan on knocking that out this weekend. Just thought I would share that, since it technically is something I have learned this week about myself.


  1. i ADORE kim kardashian. Start watching Law and Order - it comes on all the time!!

  2. You should start Brothers and Sisters for sure!!! I think it will be on next Sunday. I give it 5 stars (out of 5).