Sunday, May 31, 2009

Good Times in Mississippi

We've Come a Long Way from Cancun!!! is me with Hutch, Natalie with Kehle & Kennedy, and Leahbeth and Whit. We have all been great friends since high school & we went on our senior trip together to Cancun. We were laughing so hard about how we have really grown up since then. We've definitely come a long, that is for sure! It was great to see you guys!!

My parents had a cookout on Sunday. We had about 30 people come over, I think. It was so much fun! Here are Haley & Mary Straton pausing for a pic. And, for those of you who don't know Mary Straton- no, she is not our long lost sister! She is married to our cousin, Kell. I think we could all pass as sisters or cousins or something actually blood related, though. :)

This was too funny to pass up. Here is Hutch taking a break from his stressful life in his Aunt Carly's lap.

Hutch loves his disco


  1. His eyes finally changed! Hutch, welcome to the brown-eyed club.

  2. Actually, that is just the results of the red eye correction on my computer. His eyes are getting darker, but they are more of a dark blue/ dark grey. I am sure they will eventually turn, but no brown yet!

  3. Hutch is getting so big! I love the pic of the HS crowd! You are all such beautiful women with precious children!