Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hutch's First Date...Playdate, that is.

My friend Amy just had her twin girls, Maggie & Emma, on April 30th. We were so excited to get to meet them! I didn't realize how big Hutch was until I held those little ladies....I felt like I was holding air! They are SO cute & Hutch didn't really know what to think about it all. Congrats Amy & Jason! Your girls are just precious!

Also, thanks Leahbeth for the super cute onesie! I know not too many people read my blog, but my dear friend Leahbeth tie-dies children's clothes & she does such a great job! Her operation is called KnitWhits, and if you can see more of her stuff at Check it out sometime- her stuff is so cute.


  1. Send my good luck wishes to your friends who have the twin girls. It's a challenge but well worth it! Can't believe Hutch is getting so big!

  2. Love the onesie! I'll have to look at her blog for gifts!

  3. Oh, thanks hun! He looks so cute in blue and brown! send a pic of him in it and i will post it on my knitwhits blog!!