Sunday, May 31, 2009

More MS Pics

Oops, due to technical difficulty, I had to load these pics on a separate post. Oh, and just to try & avoid any confusion...all captions are listed above the pics vs. below, as I typically do. :)Hutch with his Mee Mow in Utica

Thanks, Alissa, for the onesie! They are SO cute!

Hutch and his girlfriend, Ollie. I would't say it was love at first sight, BUT Hutch sure did break out into a huge grin when he first met this little cutie. It was hilarious- wish I had a camera handy then!
Hutch just hanging out
Hutch with his granddad- it was suggested that he be called "BooRay", and I love it! My Dad, on the other hand, wasn't quite so fond of the name. Oh, well, he has time to let it grow on him. I think Hutch had just finished eating b/c he looks just miserably full...haven't we all felt like this at some point?
Hutch and his Aunt Jan at Roosters.

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