Sunday, May 3, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

I have not posted for a while b/c things have been super busy here. My sisters came in town & spent last weekend with us while Jeremy was in Dallas for a bachelor party. We had such a great time- it was super low key & exactly what we all needed. Hutch enjoyed spending so much time with his aunts!

Haley was gracious enough to forgoe her plane ticket to Jackson & make the long haul with me via interstate. A nice 11 hour drive. Now, if that's not love, I don't know what is. Plus, throw in a new baby who you have to feed & change every few hours, and that adds even more to this equation. We made it safely, however, and the trip was not so bad. Hutch & I had such a great time meeting lots of people, visiting my fav spots, and just hanging out at home. Here are the highlights from our trip:

1. Vasilio's- THANKS, LAURA! Not a trip to Jackson without a meal at this hot spot.
2. Office visits- Hutch was proudly shown off by his grandparents at each of their respective offices. I don't know if I have ever seen my parents so proud.
3. Day in Utica- Hutch had his first visit to Utica where he was able to meet one of his namesake's, my Grandfather, Harold Hutchins Simmons. The bond between the two was obvious to everyone there. Hutch was really fascinated with him- it was so sweet! He also met his Great Grandmother, Rita Simmons, and his Great Aunt Jan. He had quite the welcome party in Utica.
4. Quality time with Leahbeth & Whit- We had so much fun hanging out with LB & little Whit. We spent one afternoon just hanging out & catching up. Whit had fun playing with Hutch while he was sleeping- good thing he is a heavy sleeper! It was quite entertaining.
5. Keifers- another place I have to hit up before I head back to Austin. LB & I had some fun time without the kiddos.
6. Hutch's First Hal & Mal's Visit- We got him in early! Haha! We were able to meet up with Keller, Amy, and their newborn, Jefferson, along with Laura & her new baby. We had a great time showing off our new babies & talking about how things have been since they were all born.
7. Krystals- Yes, you will notice that 4 of the 7 items listed here involve food. It was super tasty, as always. I love Krystals. How can you not love Krystals.
8. Visiting with Kell & Mary Straton- quick visit, but it was great seeing them!
9. Meeting Gran- Hutch had the opportunity to meet his other Great Grandmother, Gran.
10. Thanks, Jan!- A HUGE thank you to Jan for making the trek back to Austin with us! That drive is certainly not an easy one, and we were so appreciative that you helped us out!

So, our "spontaneous" trip to Jackson was a successful, action packed one. This trip was inspired by my dire need to socialize with other humans & get out of my house. As always, my week at home was super busy & filled quickly with meeting family & friends and hitting up my fav local spots. By the end of the trip, I was ready for a few quiet days back in Austin with my husband and baby boy. Here I am & I must say, it is good to be home! I am sure I will be ready to be back on the road & zipping around in no time, but for now, there is definitely no place like home!

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