Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Winding Down

I survived my first weekend away from Hutch! He spent the weekend in Brownwood with his grandparents, great-parents, Dad, and Uncle Jarrod. He was able to meet many other family members on Jeremy's Dad's side. I think the boys had a great weekend! We had such a great time at my friend, Jessica's, bachelorette party. It was just a few of us, but we all had SO much fun. We stayed at my house Friday & Sunday night. We had a room at the Hyatt on Saturday night. The food was fab- Hula Hut, breakfast at the Driskill, South Congress Cafe, 6th Street Pizza (hehe), pizza again a little while later (even more laughs), Z Tejas, Torchy's queso, and, yes, pizza again. Southside pizza- delish! Casey, I think you are the only of was involved in this weekend's activities who reads my blog.....we did lots of good dinin' this weekend, for sure. I did take a little spill Sat. night & I am left with a bruised foot (still limping) and a skinned knee, but more than anything, it was just really funny. Those curbs can be real tricky.

For those of you Austinites, get the word out! Esther's Folly's is well worth the money! If in the past you have always categorized this place as a spin off of Pete's Piano Bar, or a place only tourists and 21 year olds would fork over their well earned pennies (as did I), LET GO OF THOSE CRAZY PREMONITIONS! All us girls agreed- this was one of the funniest things we have ever been too. We were all ready to jump back in line & hand over another $25 just to see the same show again. This modern day vaudeville show had us doubled over laughing from start to finish. The actors are super talented, the comedian absolutely adorable, and the overall show was just super witty & clever. My new mission is to take everyone coming to visit us to see this show. Just so I have an excuse to go back.

So, we are down to only 4 weeks before I have to go back to work. Boo hoo. I can't believe that Hutch will be 2 months old tomorrow. It makes me super sad to think about ending my everyday routine with him, but it makes me feel so much better just knowing that I will be leaving him in the hands of Haley. I would probably be a wreck if I knew I had to start taking him to daycare. This will definitely be a good transition.

We are headed to Jackson (again) on Friday. I am really excited b/c Jeremy will actually be going with us this time, although he will be heading back to Austin on Monday. Carly & Mark will be making the trek in from Houston, so we will have a house full! Yay!

Alissa is coming in tomorrow to meet little Hutch. I am so excited- haven't seen her since Feb! Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. CALL ME WHEN YOU GET TO TOWN!! I'll be here all weekend with very little planned. I'd love to see you and meet Mr. Hutch!!!!! Email me and I'll send you my number - kfagnew@gmail.com

  2. Can't wait to see you guys next week! Call me when you get in town.