Monday, June 15, 2009

A Serious Case of the Mondays

I survived my first day back at work! I thought I would really dread going back; I love my job, I just didn't want my time off to end. It really wasn't so bad, though. Luckily, Jeremy had the great idea to have a bunch of friends over yesterday evening to cook out. SO, needless to say, I was pretty occupied with getting our house straightened up, food cooked, etc. I think if it had just been the 3 of us loungin' around all day, I would have had WAY too much time to focus on the fact that my maternity leave is over. I only have to work 9-1:30 each day this week, too, so that helps. AND, Haley is here. We are so excited she is here! I would have been a wreck if I had to drop him off at daycare today. Wow. Thank goodness I have a few months before I have to think about that.

So, back to work I went this morning. It felt really strange setting my alarm clock this morning. I have not done that in a LONG time. Once I got to work, I spent my first hour resetting all of my passwords b/c I couldn't remember any of them. I will adjust to getting back into my old routine, but I sure will miss hanging out with my little buddy each day.

I will try to take & update some pics later. My camera battery is dead & I can't find the charger. I also want to learn how to load a video on here b/c Hutch is smiling & laughing all the time. BUT, I can't find my video camera charger either. Yeah, really bad with chargers for some reason. :)

On another random subject, I just read a great book. It is called Firefly Lane. I highly recommend it for you readers out there! It was such a good read!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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