Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hutch at 4 Months

As promised, here are a few recent pics! Hutch is now out of his "swaddle me" at night & in pjs. When he started fighting his way out of it, we thought maybe he was trying to tell us something? Here is Hutch in a pair of pajamas just hangin' out in his room. He loves wearing pajamas. I think he likes this pair in particular because they make him look so tough. Nothing more intimidating than a baby sporting skulls & crossbones.
We took this after church today. He was in such a great mood!

Hutch loves his Aunt Haley! Doesn't he look like he is up to no good?

What would we do without the Boppy swing??? Hutch taking a break today to give us a grin.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It Was a Big Day

One year ago today Jeremy & I found out we were pregnant! I can still picture that day like it was yesterday. Jeremy was SO sure I was pregnant, but I thought he was crazy. We came home from work, took the test, and parked it in our then office (now nursery!) and waited so anxiously. He asked if he should go check the results or if I should or if we should venture in together. Thinking it would for sure be negative, I gave him the honors. It seems as if he were in there for about 10 minutes. He came out yelling, "It's got 2 lines! It's got 2 lines!" He was SO excited! I was speechless. I think my first response was, "Should we take another test just to be sure?" Don't get me wrong- I was super excited. I think it just hit me all at once, and we had thought it would take a little longer than it did. Once I recovered from the initial shock, we decided we wouldn't call anyone until we confirmed everything at the doctor. Then, we immediately called our parents & siblings. Yeah, the whole not telling anyone thing just didn't work for us. It's amazing how quick that one year flew by & it is even more amazing that we now have this sweet 4 month in our lives. Our lives certainly have changed over the course of a year, and we wouldn't trade it for anything!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy 4 Month Birthday, Hutch!

We can't believe that Hutch is 4 months old already. He is growing like crazy! He is constantly rolling over & moving around like he's got somewhere he needs to be. He wants to crawl SO badly. As soon as he gains some arm strength, he is going to be ALL over the place. Haley looked up from reading the other day, and he had somehow scooted underneath the coffee table.

He has been such a blessing in our lives so far- he is the happiest baby I have ever met. He is constantly smiling & laughing. We love him so much! Sorry no pics just yet. My camera battery is dead & I am about to charge it. I will get one before the day is over & try to post it sometime this week. Happy 4 Months, little man!

Quite a Magical Weekend

Haley & I gave our "Harry Potter Marathon Weekend" a good shot. Quite honestly, it is pretty hard to sit down & watch 5 movies when you have already seen all of them. AND, when we get to #3, turns out the DVD is actually Polar Express! The DVD was even labeled "Harry Potter". Very disappointing, indeed. And let me just tell you- those movies are LONG!

After watching the first one Thursday night, I got in bed & couldn't quit thinking with a British accent. Does anyone else ever have this problem? I have total Brit envy, but this was a bit overboard. Really annoying, honestly.

We had a great weekend...seems like all we really did was eat alot. Friday night- Southside Flying Pizza. Saturday night- Chuys. Today Hutch & I had some qt while Jeremy played golf. Quite relaxing, I must say. Gearing up for a crazy, hectic week @ work!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jeremy!!!

I would just like to give a Blog Birthday Wish to my wonderful husband! I hope you had a great birthday- know that Hutch & I love you very much! XOXO

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Times with Hutch

It's been super busy around our house lately! Between going out of town, having friends & family in town, & going back to work, things have been super hectic. We are really excited that everything is starting to slow down a bit. Here are some recent pics:
One of Haley's friends, Shelley, is in town right now & Hutch just adores her. She can really make him laugh & he is all smiles when she is around. Haley caught this on Friday.
Haley & I went to Houston last weekend b/c my Mom flew in for a few days. My Mom didn't actually think I was coming, so I surprised her by showing up. She was shocked to see Hutch & me pull in to town with Haley. We spent that Friday night in Galveston with Carly, Mark, and his parents. Saturday, everyone went to the Astros game, but Hutch & I stayed behind so we could go eat dinner with friends. We had such a great time chowing down at Cafe Adobe, one of my favorite Houston spots. Here is Hutch with Jenn- they were able to meet for the first time! He really did like Jen. I promise. She actually kept him entertained throughout dinner. I think the sun was in his eyes. :)

Hanging out with Mom on July 3rd. We had such a great 4th weekend! Friday night, Tommy & Amy came over to cook out. We just sat out on the patio & caught up. For the 4th, we joined the masses & checked out the symphony & fireworks show downtown. It was so much fun! Hutch was awake while the symphony played, but ironically, fell asleep during the fireworks show. Yes, I wrote that correctly- he slept through the fireworks, even the finale! It was really loud, too. Yay, that is awesome!

Sorry, these pics are really out of order! Here is Hutch with his Grandma in Galveston last weekend. She was so excited to see her little grandson!

Hutch doing some Bumbo Training. Haley is so good at putting him in this each day & her efforts have definitely paid off. He has really improved on being able to hold up his head while sitting.

He takes his training very seriously. How annoyed does he look here? BTW, let me just note that he is does not like to have his pic taken. He will be all smiles until you bust out a camera. I know what you're thinking, "Wow, I would hate to see how many pics she would post if he loved the camera."

According to Hutch, there is no time like bath time. I recently changed his position when I put him in, so now he sits up vs. laying down. And that, in my opinion, called for a picture.

Taking a moment to pose with Aunt Haley. They are having so much fun each day. Haley takes him to Town Lake every morning & pushes him in the stroller. They go to Target, to the mall, Target, brunch, Target.....haha, just kidding. Between the time he has spent with me & Haley thus far, he is probably really familiar with that trademarked red bullseye.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Let me Blog About a Book

I thought I would share this with all of my fellow book reading bloggers. Sarah's Key is a phenomenal book, written by Tatiana De Rosnay, that gives you a detailed look at how the Holocaust deeply affected a little girl and her family in France. The book intertwines her story with a modern day woman's story through alternating chapters. The book takes you on a journey that connects the 2. While this is certainly not an easy read, and by easy, I mean easy on your heart & mind, it is well worth your time. I will not lie- I cried, I mean sobbed, through several sections of the book. I don't think I have ever read a book that has touched me like this one. And I have read alot of books. Sarah's Key makes you realize how blessed you are. It makes you realize that even your worst days don't shed a light on what so many had to go through during the Holocaust. Although this book is fiction, the author tied in actual events. To sum up what another review said, "This book will stay with you long after you put back on the shelf."