Sunday, July 19, 2009

Quite a Magical Weekend

Haley & I gave our "Harry Potter Marathon Weekend" a good shot. Quite honestly, it is pretty hard to sit down & watch 5 movies when you have already seen all of them. AND, when we get to #3, turns out the DVD is actually Polar Express! The DVD was even labeled "Harry Potter". Very disappointing, indeed. And let me just tell you- those movies are LONG!

After watching the first one Thursday night, I got in bed & couldn't quit thinking with a British accent. Does anyone else ever have this problem? I have total Brit envy, but this was a bit overboard. Really annoying, honestly.

We had a great weekend...seems like all we really did was eat alot. Friday night- Southside Flying Pizza. Saturday night- Chuys. Today Hutch & I had some qt while Jeremy played golf. Quite relaxing, I must say. Gearing up for a crazy, hectic week @ work!

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