Monday, August 17, 2009

All About New Foods

Here are some of Hutch's more photogenic moments over the past couple of weeks!
Green Peas!!!
Sweet Potatoes

Things are pretty hectic around our house these days! Hutch has started experimenting with fruits & veggies- it is so much fun! Jennifer, I take your word on the baby food. I don't seem to have quite the desire to sample as you & Joel do! I have tasted the bananas & they are delish! Yummy! Hutch hates them, though. I bought quite a few at Target- I was convinced he would go "bananas" over them..(couldn't resist that one:) I wish I could have recorded his facial expressions- they were hilarious! We aren't tossing the extras just yet, though..I am going to give it another shot in a few weeks. So, far his faves are sweet potatoes & applesauce. Green peas are a hit & miss.

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  1. Messy messy! Isn't it fun?!?! I think the green vegetables are going to be the grossest, but I thought the squash would be good, so I may be wrong. We start bananas this weekend while out of town, so I hope the babies like them or we will be headed to the store!