Sunday, August 2, 2009

Nothing Like a Weekend with the Ladies

It was quite a busy weekend at the Hoskinson house this weekend. Carly came into town for our last Girls Weekend before Haley heads to Thailand in Oct. When I got home from work, Jeremy kept saying how hungry he was & how I needed to hurry up and get ready. I headed to the bedroom to change, and who is standing in my closet when I open the door? My Mom!!!!! It is definitely not a girls weekend without my Mom participating...I was SO shocked! She had flown into Houston & driven in with Carly. Haley had not known she was coming, either. It made our girl's weekend extra special to have her here! We had so much fun! Friday night, the 4 of us headed to Trudy's for dinner while Jeremy kept Hutch. Jeremy's Dad was actually in town for the night, so Hutch had a great time hanging out with all the boys. Saturday we had lunch at Freddie's. Hutch hung out with us all day...he was so great, too. He was quite the trooper- he barely uttered a sound through lunch AND pedis! Here are a few pics from our fabulous weekend....

Haley, Mom, & Hutch at Freddie's
Carly, Haley, and Me at Key Bar

I love my sisters!

I love my Mom, too!

We all had lunch today at the S Congress Cafe after church. I think Hutch was sick of all the "blowin' and go'in" b/c he was pretty cranky all through lunch. Jeremy & I took turns trying to pacify him back walking around outside. He eventually just fell asleep. About 5 seconds before this picture was taken, he was screaming crying. I thought this was so funny!

Carly & Haley at lunch


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  2. Your mom definitely qualifies for the frequent flying miles. I think she might have a little bit of missing grandson syndrome. :)

    Also, a while back Bruce smelled a shirt and said: "This smells like Hutch." I thought this was hilarious. Apparently Hutch has his own fragrance line.