Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Over the Course of a Week

Change of Plans, my dear friends. I have decided to quit my job, take up singing and dance lessons, and make my way to Broadway. Ok, maybe not. BUT, Haley& I sure left this incredible musical quite inspired! I had read the book & heard excellent reviews about Wicked, but nothing prepared me for how entertaining those 3 hours were! I can't wait to see it again. Maybe when I hit the big city in December? Sorry, Mama Mia. I think you just got pushed aside.

Here is a picture of Haley & I preshow. It was our first time to Bass Concert Hall, located on UT's campus. So, not only did we get see this awesome performance; we were also able to spend some time reminiscing about how great it would be to be in college again. Ah, the days.

Hutch is 5 months old!!!!! Whoa. Isn't he a little cutie? Of course, I know I am partial, but still....Look, he knows he's cute, too. Just look at that smile. He is very happy to be 5 months old.

We had SO much fun in Houston this weekend visiting Jenn, Chad, Alissa, Carly, and Mark. It was so relaxing just hanging out at Jenn & Chad's. I was even able to sneak in a nap while Jenn watched Hutch. It was great catching up with everyone & we can't wait to see everyone again! Here is Hutch taking a breather from all the action. Being passed around & held can be very exhausting.

Carly & Mark met us for dinner on Saturday. Hutch was very excited to see them! We can't make a trip to Houston without visiting our fave restaurant- The Rajun Cajun. It was so good- probably not WW friendly, but you have to splurge sometimes, right?

Alissa & I. Sorry, Jenn, I have one pic of you, but it's not your best. In the famous words of yourself, "Let's take another one. You don' t look so pretty." Haha! You looked a bit miserable, so I refrained from posting. You can thank me later.
We are heading into our last weekend with sweet Haley here. I can guarantee you there will be LOTS of tears. We are planning on making her last weekend here extra special. Heading to Esther's Follies & dinner on Saturday. I am also taking Friday off so I can just spend the day with her & the little man. She has been such a HUGE help & Hutch just loves her dearly. She will certainly be missed! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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  1. I'm hoping Sterling or MP will take up singing and dancing so I can push them into a Broadway career. That's what I was thinking the whole time we were watching Wicked.