Monday, August 17, 2009

Trip to Dallas

We headed to Dallas last weekend to surprise my grandparents. They were in town for a wedding and were so upset they would be so close to Hutch without seeing him. Well, you guys know how us Boone girls LOVE surprises! My Mom & I cooked up a little plan to completely surprise my grandparents. She ended up driving in from Jackson & meeting Haley, Hutch, and I at the hotel. We camped out in the room when they returned from the wedding (it was on Friday night). Once it was confirmed they were settled (thanks, Jan!), we stuck Hutch in his Boppy in the hallway, and hid where they couldn't see us (don't worry- we didn't just abandon my child there- we were just flat against the wall.) Their reaction was so funny! It had been so long since my grandmother had seen him, she said, "Oh my goodness! Someone has left a baby at our doorstep! How are we ever going to take care of this child?" My grandfather knew it was little Hutch immediately. It was so is a pic of Hutch waiting for them to open the door. Doesn't he look so confused??? My Grandfather & Hutch
My Grandmother & Hutch
Just chillin' in the hotel room
I will write more soon- I have some very random things I feel the urge to share! BUT 2 posts in one night is alot to take in, so I will spare you my rambling! Hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. That was the funniest post! I love that picture of Hutch in the Hall!