Tuesday, September 8, 2009

6 Day Run Down

Well, my fellow bloggers, these past few days have been a whirlwind of excitement for us Hoskinsons. Haley left on Thursday afternoon, so we had to face the dreaded goodbye. I will spare you the details- it was a pretty sad scene. Jeremy's parents arrived about 2 hours after Haley left. Friday, Jeremy & I worked a half day, then we headed to Chicago! Jeremy's parents were so sweet to use vacation time, drive all the way here from Odessa, and spend their holiday weekend hanging out with Hutch. From what we hear, everyone had a blast! I know Hutch so enjoyed a few days with his grandparents.

We took a TON of pics in Chicago. Don't worry- I am only posting a few.

Jessica & I at a rooftop bar downtown

Me & The Rosenburgs after visiting Shedd Aquarium

The Bean!

The group pausing for a pic on the Riverboat Architecture Boat Tour

Pretty pic of the skyline
On a different note, Hutch started daycare today. One word- UGH. Getting him ready to go this morning was not all that bad. Driving him there was not all that bad. BUT, as soon as I pulled into their parking lot, I lost it. Jeremy met me there b/c we decided it would be best for us to take him together for the first day. While trying to explain to the owner everything I brought, when he ate last, etc., I had tears just running down my face. After several breakdowns throughout the day, I think I am now ok. He received an excellent report for the day & it sounds as if he had a really good time meeting his new friends. Hopefully, tomorrow will be much easier. On me, that is. Looks like the little man is quite ok with his new set up.


  1. I dreaded the daycare thing, but it has actually been really good. The babies have learned so much from interacting with other people and other babies. I hope it gets better for you!

  2. I am praying for you. It is never easy to drop them off. It does get better, but Mondays are always the hardest. Good Luck! I know Hutch is enjoying socializing with the other kiddos!