Thursday, September 3, 2009

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Haley bids us fairwell today & heads back home to Jackson! We are really (I mean, really) sad to leave- especially knowing it will probably be at least a year before we see her again. Not only has she been SUPER helpful over these past few months- we have also grown quite used to having her around! We have been SO blessed to have her here, and she will certainly be missed! We love you, sister! To send her off properly, we made sure to cram in as much fun stuff as possible over the past few days. I took last Friday off so I could hang out with Hutch & her all day. We had such a fun weekend! Here are a few pics to share:
After Church on Sunday
Haley & I decided to bust out the high chair on Friday. The Bumbo seat is getting to be a bit tight for the little fella, so it has been retired to the closet. Of course, we had to photo document the occassion. I think Hutch was pretty indifferent- as long as he still gets food, he is a happy man.

Patiently waiting for his morning fruit. He looks a bit irritated, doesn't he? This is one of the many looks we get when he is hungry.

When peeking in to check the progress of his morning nap on Friday, this is what I saw. Too cute to not take a pic!

Haley took Hutch to Lady Bird lake just about every day this summer. He will sure miss his morning walks through the park. Their trips became such a ritual, I decided it would just be wrong to not take some pics when I tagged along on Friday. Here is Hutch happy to take a break at a water stop.

Under the Mopac bridge- fave spot on the trail

We love this little area. Check out Hutch posing for this picture. For some reason, I just think Olan Mills.
Happy to be breaking! Or maybe just happy to be out of the stroller? Regardless, he was super happy & I was so glad to catch this on film. I think it is one of my all time favorites.
How funny is this? Don't mind us! We're just checking our email & Facebook!

Hula Hut on Saturday. We let Haley pic where to eat Saturday night, and we were simply delighted with her selection. This was Hutch's first experience at the Hula Hut- although, there was no wait, so I don't know if that counts. Typically, you have to wait around 2 hours for a table.
For Haley's last night in Austin, she wanted to go Zen & Yummy Yo. We had so much fun! Although we will certainly miss her when she is gone, we know that great things await her in Thailand!
On a different note, we are heading to Chicago tomorrow! Jeremy's parents are coming in to keep Hutch, so we can go spend the weekend with Kyle, Jessica, Wade, and Melanie. We are so excited! Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone!

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