Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Well, our house has been a barrell of fun over the past week or so! Jeremy thought he had the flu last week, but luckily, did not. Hutch got sick at daycare on Friday, so we spent the weekend pretty much at home doing routine fever checks. I discovered on Sunday that I have pink eye. Hutch was super sick Monday so Jeremy stayed home with him & took him to the doctor. Looks like it is some sort of virus- SO glad it wasn't flu or bronchitis or any of the other crazy things my wild imagination came up with. Hutch broke his fever around 3 yesterday, so we couldn't take him to daycare today due to the 24 hour rule. This also meant we couldn't take him in for his scheduled appt with the neurosurgeon (rescheduled for tomorrow am). Last night we noticed he had a rash all over his legs & his eyes were red. SO, back to the doctor today b/c I was convinced that despite the constant sanitizing of my hands, I had passed on the lovely pink eye to him. The pedicatrician told me that he, in fact, does not have pink eye & his eyes are red probably due to the virus that he has. He also thinks this has caused the rash on his legs. Yay!

He is much better today & I think he is super excited about kickin' it with the other kids at daycare tomorrow. We don't quite have the toy variety that they keep on hand there. I can only sing & do stupid dances for so long before even Hutch starts yawning & checking out his fingernails. May be time for a new investment. Bouncer, maybe?
Despite all of his troubles, the little dude has still been as happy as ever. He hasn't stopped smiling! Here are some recent pictures I thought you may enjoy:
Taken this morning. After taking about 5, I realized that if he has pink eye, then that moment was probably not the most ideal for flash photography. Oops. Sorry, little man.
How awesome is his hair in this pic? And, yes, it looks like this ALL the time. And, no, I don't put anything in it nor do I make it stand up like that. It is au natural, baby. It is getting thinner by the day. What a fun, frizzy 'do, huh? Looks like we may be putting the 'hawk aside for a while & going with the fro.

Nothing exciting going on here. We have experienced our first taste of fall here in Austin, so I was so excited last week to pull some long sleeve clothes out of his closet. He usually wears onesies, so I am always up for an opportunity to dress him up a bit.

I bet the baby chicks at daycare couldn't take their eyes off this little stud that day.

I have been meaning to post the following pics for a while. Isn't this hilarious? I mean, Hutch, GET COMFORTABLE already! No reason not to kick back! He L-O-V-E-S his bottles. And his Dad.

Sometimes he loves his bottles so much, he can't wait to sit down! He is convinced that he has such strong suction power, he can just suck that milk right out of the bottle, even when it is right side up. We think this means he will be very smart. Not really sure how that relates to what he is doing in this pic. Just thought I would throw that in there.
Hutch was so upset about his first day at "school." I mean, it was all we could do to get him in the car seat & out the door. No, really, this was literally taken the morning of his first day at daycare. I am not sure how I managed to get such a good pic amidst all of my sobbing & anxiety attacks. Hutch obviously took this day much better than his parents.


  1. oh.my.gosh. Hutch looks like he's at least twice the size we was when I left in that picture of him on the couch. I don't like that one bit. He can't grow that fast!!! Ahhh I miss that little dude!! Love the new pictures and the hair that seems to be expanding upwards.

  2. Love the last picture - what a cute boy! Oh, I'd take fever any day over the kids having the stomach bug. After a while, getting puked and pooped on gets old. Hope y'all all feel better soon. :(

    We'll see y'all at Thanksgiving.