Thursday, October 29, 2009

Early Bird

It's no secret that I like to get up early. I definitely picked this trait up from my Dad who without fail is up every morning around 5 AM. I especially LOVE waking up super early on the weekends & making up for my lack of sleep with a long nap in the afternoon. Sometimes, however, on Thursdays & Fridays when I have alot to do & I am in a fab mood about the upcoming weekend, I will wake up really early before going to work. For example, this morning- Hutch woke up at 3:30, so I fed him & put him back down. Now, my alarm was not set to go off for 2 more hours, BUT here I am! I realized this morning that I love getting up this early b/c it allows me to have some Lindsey time. Everyone else is asleep, Jeremy isn't using the computer for studying, Hutch is in his own little dreamland back in his nursery, I can catch up on The Ellen Show that I have DVRd throughout the week. Ahhhh, lovely. SO many great things about having a couple of restful hours all to myself. As those of you with kiddos can relate- our days start off with trying to juggle getting ourselves ready for work, lunches made, and Hutch ready for "school". We usually have to wake him up, as currently he likes to wake up once anytime b/w 1-4 during the night, so he has already gone back to sleep. The evenings seem to go by in even more of a whirlwind. We are usually all home by around 6. Hutch will usually starting hearing his internal dinner bell shortly after. Then, it's bath time & into the pjs. We typically only have about 2 hours with him before it's story time & then off to bed!

SO, I have not had a whole lot of time to update my blog since my last post, but there really hasn't been alot of what you may consider excitement going on at our house over the past couple of weeks! We have really had a couple of relaxing weekends- it has been so nice! We are getting super excited about celebrating Hutch's first Halloween! We are going to a party for a couple of hours early evening- I can't wait to post pics of Hutch in his monkey costume! Sunday, I am heading to N Austin for Race for the Cure. We have a team with work & I think we are going to have over 80 people representing! We also kick off our UW Campaign at work tomorrow with our annual chili cookoff tomorrow. I volunteered to make the chili for our dept., so I am anxious to see how that goes- thanks, Hal, for the recipe! Well, you know I can't post without throwing in a few pics! Here are a few randoms that I snapped within the past week....

Here we are just hanging out at home! I took this on Tuesday.

Hutch checking out his Halloween costume. He was not impressed. This was just before he started screaming & hitting it.

How cute is this sweater pj set? I had to pick up a few new things for Hutch last weekend b/c he is quickly growing out of everything we have here. I think he liked it.

So, last weekend we had pumpkin painting contest at work for kids. Because Hutch is not old enough yet to decorate a pumpkin, I thought I would just dress him up as one. Well, he won Overall Cutest Pumpkin! Here he is with his ribbon- he was very, very proud.

Well, friends, I guess that is it for now! Hutch is growing so quickly & it is absolutely amazing to see his desire to do different things develop. He laughs ALL the time- the ladies at his daycare can't get over how happy he is every day. When we pick him up in the afternoon, he immediately breaks out into giggles as soon as he sees us. It is so funny! He also has recently developed a love for Gerber Graduate Rice puffs- wow. He goes CRAZY when he sees them! At daycare, they place a few on his exercauser & he spins around in circles trying to pick them all up as fast as we can. I think this just confirms we have a seroius eater on our hands.
Hope you all have a great week & a Happy Halloween!!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

This blog will be super fast, as we are about to head over to the Pletcher's to watch the Red River Shoot Out. Hook 'em horns! Last night, we had a great time with Kyle & Jessica at the Mediterranean Festival downtown. It was our first time to go & the food & music was fab! Hutch was super excited to be out WAY past his bedtime. And, of course, to being held by Aunt Jessica!
Hutch loves his Uncle Pletch, too!

Hutch & Mom

We had SO much fun in MS. The trip actually getting there was a bit of a nightmare- I think that story deserves its own blog- will post this week. Hutch was a bit sick the whole weekend, but he still had fun cheering on the Dawgs at his first MSU game. He also loved seeing his girlfriend, Ollie, whom he had not seen since May! Who says long distance relationships don't work? We were also super excited to meet our new cousin, Alex. She is SOOOO cute!

Here we are in the stand- we were hooked up with club level seats. Hutch thinks that is the only way to watch a football game. It was so nice!

Tailgating before the game!

On the trip to Starkville in the tank that we rented. This suv was HUGE!

Hanging out with my grandparents!

Nothing like the back porch at my parents!

Hutch loves his Flashy!

We didn't get to go to the fair due to forecasted bad weather, so I was a bit disappointed. BUT, our trip was SO much fun! We were able to meet LB & Whit for lunch, visit my Mom's office, catch a SHORT visit with my Dad (he was on his annual golf trip while we were in town, and he made it back about 15 minutes before we headed back to Austin). Hutch was able to spend time with his Great-grandparents, Aunt Jan & Uncle Bruce, Great-Gran, Aunt Carly, Uncle Mark, and the whole MSU tailgating crew. It was a blast! Gotta run- more late!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Off the Shelf

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book. I am sure many of you fellow book reading bloggers have already read this, but if not, I highly recommend. The book focuses on a man who encounters a tragedy in his personal life. He basically meets God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit at the scene where the tragedy took place. The book tries to answer "why bad things happen to good people." While there were a few parts of the book that were a bit cheesy, I really liked how he presented the Trinity and religion overall. Great read- oh, and from the insert in the back- looks like they are trying to get enough people to read to make it into a movie!

This Mississippi Girl is Heading Home

Hutch & I are catching a flight tomorrow bound for Jackson! I am SOOOOO excited to get back home- haven't been there since Memorial Day, so I feel very overdue. Carly & Mark will be heading that way either Thursday or Friday & Jeremy is flying in Friday night. Besides obviously being overjoyed about spending a few days with my dear friends & family, here are a couple other things I am really looking forward to...

1) The Mississippi State Fair! I can not begin to tell you how excited I am about the fair. I have not been since I was in high school, so I made sure to plan this trip while the fair was in Jackson. Now, all you Jackson natives & current residents may be concerned that I have lost my mind. As a kid, my parents would always take my sisters & me to the fair every year for Midnight Maddness. We would count down the days & loose sleep the nights prior to this big event. We couldn't WAIT to stay up late getting caught up in all of the excitement the fair had to offer. As I grew older, I would go several times a year- at least once always with my family & then maybe a few times with my friends. I remember one year clogging up on the square dancer stage (they weren't performing at that moment) & entertaining my friends. One year, I won a fish, which turned out to be a tadpole that I named Henderson, after a Counting Crows song ( I was going thru a really strange phase at that time in my life.) Henderson actually lived for several months & grew to be a REALLY large tadpole. Another year I was grounded for 2 weeks because my Dad said I couldn't go to the fair with friends, but I went anyways. Although the wrist band to ride all of the rides for free doesn't quite have the same appeal as it used to, I still can't help but feel like a kid again when I think of the big yellow slide, petting zoo, airbrushed t shirt stands, pig races, free biscuits, Pronto Pups, Malone's Taffy, game booths, and circus that never failed me year after year. And the smells....the fair has a distinct smell of fried food mixed with a trash like odor. If the wind blows in just the right direction I swear you can smell it in any of the surrounding counties. If you are looking for me Friday evening, I will be busy strolling down that Midway taking it all in again....only this time, I will have Hutch with me! Although I doubt the fair will leave much of an impression on our little man, I am so excited to bring him with us!

2) Mississippi State Football!!! I have not been to a MSU game in 2 years! I should be ashamed of myself, I know. This will be Hutch's first football game, and I think he is really excited. Jeremy has been trying to get Hutch interested in the sport early by watching Gameday together. I am also really looking forward to tailgating with family & friends!

Oh, on a different note, Hutch doesn't have to be fitted for a helmet! We met with the neurosurgeon last week & she said his head is not that bad & can be corrected over time by just doing excercises. She said she can tell it is already starting to round out. We were SO excited to hear this! Hope everyone has a fabulous week & will post pics when we return from our trip!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Off to Thailand She Goes

I wanted to dedicate this blog to my sweet sister, Haley, as she heads to Thailand today. She will be gone for at least a year-sniff sniff. Haley, we know that amazing things await you over there. Know that we will miss you dearly & think of you every day. You will be in our prayers & we are already anxiously awaiting your return. I can't wait to hear all about your stories & adventures. This year will fly by! Know that we love you & miss you tons, little little sister!