Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This Mississippi Girl is Heading Home

Hutch & I are catching a flight tomorrow bound for Jackson! I am SOOOOO excited to get back home- haven't been there since Memorial Day, so I feel very overdue. Carly & Mark will be heading that way either Thursday or Friday & Jeremy is flying in Friday night. Besides obviously being overjoyed about spending a few days with my dear friends & family, here are a couple other things I am really looking forward to...

1) The Mississippi State Fair! I can not begin to tell you how excited I am about the fair. I have not been since I was in high school, so I made sure to plan this trip while the fair was in Jackson. Now, all you Jackson natives & current residents may be concerned that I have lost my mind. As a kid, my parents would always take my sisters & me to the fair every year for Midnight Maddness. We would count down the days & loose sleep the nights prior to this big event. We couldn't WAIT to stay up late getting caught up in all of the excitement the fair had to offer. As I grew older, I would go several times a year- at least once always with my family & then maybe a few times with my friends. I remember one year clogging up on the square dancer stage (they weren't performing at that moment) & entertaining my friends. One year, I won a fish, which turned out to be a tadpole that I named Henderson, after a Counting Crows song ( I was going thru a really strange phase at that time in my life.) Henderson actually lived for several months & grew to be a REALLY large tadpole. Another year I was grounded for 2 weeks because my Dad said I couldn't go to the fair with friends, but I went anyways. Although the wrist band to ride all of the rides for free doesn't quite have the same appeal as it used to, I still can't help but feel like a kid again when I think of the big yellow slide, petting zoo, airbrushed t shirt stands, pig races, free biscuits, Pronto Pups, Malone's Taffy, game booths, and circus that never failed me year after year. And the smells....the fair has a distinct smell of fried food mixed with a trash like odor. If the wind blows in just the right direction I swear you can smell it in any of the surrounding counties. If you are looking for me Friday evening, I will be busy strolling down that Midway taking it all in again....only this time, I will have Hutch with me! Although I doubt the fair will leave much of an impression on our little man, I am so excited to bring him with us!

2) Mississippi State Football!!! I have not been to a MSU game in 2 years! I should be ashamed of myself, I know. This will be Hutch's first football game, and I think he is really excited. Jeremy has been trying to get Hutch interested in the sport early by watching Gameday together. I am also really looking forward to tailgating with family & friends!

Oh, on a different note, Hutch doesn't have to be fitted for a helmet! We met with the neurosurgeon last week & she said his head is not that bad & can be corrected over time by just doing excercises. She said she can tell it is already starting to round out. We were SO excited to hear this! Hope everyone has a fabulous week & will post pics when we return from our trip!

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  1. Bad news- the pig races are no more! I know... terrible. Have fun at the fair! Eat a biscuit (or two) and a cinnamon roll for me!