Monday, November 16, 2009

Dedication Weekend

We had such a great time this weekend celebrating Hutch's dedication. For those of you who don't know- we joined Lake Hills Church back in January, and we LOVE IT! We didn't go very much after Hutch was born, but over the past few months, we have really tried to get more involved. The girls at the nursery adore our little man, and I am so excited b/c I am going to start volunteering in the nursery next Sunday. So, Hutch was dedicated at the church, and we were so honored to have so many friends and family present during the service. After the service, we had everyone over to the house for lunch. Carly and Marc came in Saturday, along with Jeremy's Dad. Alissa drove in from Houston on Sunday (you were missed, Jenn!) Marc was SO nice to bring his camera & take some snapshots (over 400 to be exact!) of us. He is so talented- I posted my faves below. The weekend was absolutely perfect!

Hutch & Aunt Carly cutting up
Haha- Me & Carly laughing about who knows what. Oh, wait, I know- Carly tickling me. Haley, you were certainly missed all weekend- but I sure thought of you while these pics were being taken- I know how love to get in a few pinches when we get sister shots! Love you! BTW, I think this is the cutest pic of Carly- isn't she such a cutie?

Ahhhh, just sweetness.

Hutch does this thing with his tongue all the time- I think it mainly has to do with his teething. We always do it with him b/c he thinks its funny. So glad Marc caught this on film, as it is an awesome picture of Hutch & his Dad.

Had to post this one so everyone can see this great view of the 'hawk. It's a very curly mohawk, indeed. I think it suits him quite nicely.

Just too cute not to post.
Sunday was such a special day. We certainly missed all those who were unable to make it (Mom, Dad, Haley, Lynn, all our grandparents, etc.!), but we were overwhelmingly blessed by all of our friends & family who were able to join us. Thank you all so much!

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  1. I just cannot get over how much Hutch looks like his dad!!