Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I love New York!

We had such a FABULOUS time in NYC! I absolutely LOVE that place! We managed to fit SO much in while we were there. Here are a few highlights from our trip:
  • The Muse- our hotel was incredible. Not only was is super sleek, it was also super close to everything.
  • Marriott Restaurant- we ate at the revolving restaurant our first night, which gave us a first look at all of NYC while we had a divine dinner.
  • Double Decker bus- we had a 3 day pass, which proved to be well worth the money. We were able to use the bus as transportation throughout the trip, while checking out all the famous NYC spots.
  • Central Park- loved, loved, loved this place. I wish we could have spent more time here- it was beautiful!
  • Tavern on the Green- did you know they are shutting this place down & reopening it under a new name? I am so glad we were able to experience the real thing before the name changes & the Crystal Room is taken down. It was truly amazing.
  • Wicked- need I say more?
  • Today Show- Thank you, Dean and Deluca, for the perfect window spot to view Matt & Meredith while sipping our joe.
  • The tree at Rockefeller Center- thought it would be smaller than I imagined, but I was pleasantly surprised- it was so pretty!
  • The Rockettes- yes, even though I dozed off a couple of times in the show (I was really sleepy), those dancing dolls were super talented.
  • Ellen's Stardust Cafe- the waitstaff here is composed of young guys & gals trying to make it on Broadway. They provided great entertainment while we ate dinner- I hope they all make it!
  • Empire State Building- amazing views...well worth it!
  • Jude Law spotting after Hamlet
  • Hanging out with the paparazzi at the Ritz Carlton- yes, we were total tourists.
  • Statue Liberty- even though the weather was yucky, she was beautiful!
  • Ground Zero- it was just surreal being there. I really loved visiting St. Paul's Chapel, which acted as a refuge for volunteers and those who were missing loved ones. If you haven't heard this historic chapel's story, check it out!
  • New York bagels- they lived up to all the hype
  • Lombardi's- yummy!
  • Little Italy & Chinatown- SO much fun!

Here are a few pics!

Mom & I at Christmas Tree after Today Show

Jude Law!

One of the many chandeliers at Tavern on the Green

Dinner at Carmine's

Taking a break in Little Italy- outside NYC was having her first snow of the season!

Mom & I

After Wicked
NYC residents get a really bad rap- everyone we met was nothing but nice. We loved the people! It was wonderful being there during Christmas. We had SO much fun!!!!!

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  1. I love the pictures!! I especially love the winter-y clothes... I never thought I'd miss coats and scarves, but I do! I'm sure it wouldn't last long at all if I were actually to experience cold weather, though. Looks like yall had SO much fun!

    I think I should go to grad school in NYC. What do you think?