Sunday, January 31, 2010

Is it Sunday Already???

Hi, everyone! I hope that you have all had a great weekend- ours went by so fast. I wish we had a couple more days off work to r & r . Friday night, we headed over to the Tobey's house to celebrate Reese's 2nd bday at her cupcake party. We think Reese had a crush on Hutch- she made him 3 Valentine's. He tried to eat all of them (typical), but we managed to keep one to put in his baby book. Hutch loved Dave's Dad- they had a big time hanging out!

Saturday was filled with running erands & cleaning house. Hutch has discovered his toy basket & he loves digging around & pulling things out. Does he look mischevious here or what? Check out those thighs!

Saturday night our friends Kelly, Brent, and their daughter Emmerson came over for dinner. We had alot of fun just hanging out!
Here is Emmerson- she is 2 & weighs only 1 pound more than Hutch. She is so cute & super hard to keep up with. I think we had a good dose of what is ahead of us.

Today we went to church with Mary, Nelson, Myrtle, Tom, and Dianne. Afterwards, we all went to N x NW for brunch. We had a great time catching up & brunch was delish. Here is Hutch with Dianne. I think we now have a signature smile. If you notice, it is the same smile as all the above photos.

Here is Hutch with Mary.

Our weekend was action packed, but it was so much fun. We are spending the rest of the evening just chilling out at home. Hutch and I are headed to Houston next weekend for a shower for Carly. My Mom will be coming in, also, so we are really looking forward to that! I think Jeremy is really looking forward to a weekend to himself, too! Jeremy has some super cute shots of Hutch from Odessa- as soon as we get them downloaded, I will post. Have a great week!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blog #2

Yes. I did it. I created a 2nd blog that will carry nothing but things that will hopefully make you laugh! This is quite an undertaking since I am really not that funny of a person. I do tend to find humor in the daily things, however, so hopefully you will be somewhat entertained. Anyhow, check it out if you want!

Say, "Cheese!"

I just wanted to blog really quick about my taking on a new hobby! I am planning on getting a new SLR camera within the next month- probably way too early to blog about it- BUT, I am so excited! I just have a feeling that I could possibly be good at snapping shots. I don't know- what I DO know is that photographers are EXPENSIVE! If nothing else, I hope I can get some good pictures of Hutch on down the road without having to pay someone else to do it. AND, if I am any good (only time will tell!), then maybe I can make this into a hobby. Cameras are tricky, though...I don't understand any of the jargon or technichal terms- I think I may be in need of s a class or workshop. Anyhow, I will keep you all posted! Who knows, maybe I can start another picture blog on down the road????

Sunday, January 24, 2010

10 Months Old

So, I am just a few days late posting this- sorry! Hutch is now 10 months old! Wow. This year is flying by....please slow down!!! :) We always jokingly ask Hutch if he will just stay this size (or really whatever size he is at the time- we have been doing this since he was born) for a while longer. This age is simply amazing b/c he is starting to pick up things SO quickly. He speaks his own little special language- it is so cute! Here are few pics I snapped of him playing on his new Retro Rocket that he recevied for Christmas from Lolli and Pop. He LOVES it. Jeremy pushes him around our living room & he gets so excited. It is hilarious. Maybe even blog-video worthy. Hmmm...

Wrapping up my solo weekend. Let me just say that being by myself all weekend is not all it's cracked up to be. Don't get me wrong- it has been super nice being on my own schedule all weekend. I have watched movies, read alot, napped, cleaned, etc. , etc. BUT, I decided yesterday afternoon that I was more than ready for my boys to come back home. Good thing they come back tomorrow! I can't wait to see them!!!

Well, They're Going to the Chapel....

I think my last blog may have raised a few questions, so I thought I would provide some clarification. Carly is getting married! I thought I had mentioned this before, but I guess not! Sorry, little sister! She is going to be the future Mrs. Marc Ramirez, and we couldn't be happier for the both of them. Marc is such a great guy & they are just perfect for each other. They are such the cute couple! They will be tying the knot on March 13th in Jackson. Haley will be flying home from Thailand, so we are so excited to see her. The wedding is going to be such fun! I will keep you updated on everything as plans progress!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fun with Family and Friends

Happy Tuesday, everyone! This weekend was JAM PACKED with things going on- we had so much fun! To get things started Thursday night, Hutch had his first bath in the "big bathtub". We have moved his baby bathtub to the closet! Yay! We probably should have done this weeks ago, but I just didn't think about it.
Here is Hutch prior to his bath having fun with his Dad. I think this photo is priceless.
Still hanging out with Dad....all smiles, as usual

Just for the record, that is not a pink bow in Hutch's hair, it is a shower poof. I am sure Jeremy will appreciate me pointing that out.

Do you think he likes baths???? He had SO much fun splashing water & chasing after his little ducky. He loves to drink the bathwater, too. Maybe he will get over that pretty quick?

I headed to Houston Friday to help host my friend, Jennifer's baby shower. She & Chad are expecting a little girl March 1. Everything turned out so cute & we had such a great time! Here are all of the hosts & the mommy to be. (Amanda, Jenn, Alissa, me)

You know a southern girl's got to throw in a picture of food! Haha! We had some divine dishes. AND, check out my diaper cake. First one I ever made, and I think it turned out so cute!

Amanda decorated wine glasses for people to take home as party favors. Attached to each glass was a note thanking everyone for attending. Aren't the flowers beautiful, too?

Super cute cake made by my very own sister, Carly! Thanks again, Carly!!!
AND, the lovely cake maker herself with her work of art.

I just LOVE this picture. Sunday night we met up with some family here in Austin for dinner at Matt's El Rancho. Here is a pic of Hutch with his cousin Amy (and devoted blog reader- love you, Amy!). I think this is one of my all time fave pictures!
I had a great time in Houston kickin' it with my besties & sister. After the shower, Carly & I hung out at the Galleria & found bridesmaid's dresses! They are gorgeous! Gotta run- at lunch again! Jeremy & Hutch are headed to Odessa Friday & coming back Monday. House to myself all weekend! Not sure what my plans are, but I definitely plan on some relaxing! Have a great weeke everyone!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Post of First's

Hello, everyone, and Happy Tuesday! We made it through Monday, and I don't know about all of you, but I was super excited on Friday to have completed a full week of work after the holidays. Why is that first week with no time off so hard to get thru? Anyways, over the past week or so, we have encountered a few "first's" with our little dude, so I thought I would share them with you! First of all, we have a crawler on our hands now! Oh. My. Gosh. It is quite the workout keeping up with that fella as he tries to scoot all over our house. He is constantly trying to put electrical cords in his mouth, chew on dog toys, pick up our floor mat that leads out to the backyard, etc., etc. is quite exhausting, but so much fun! He is definitely a curious little thing...not much gets past him! We are also slowly trying to get rid of that bottle. He eats so much- we are so fortunate that he is not a picky eater! We have been trying to feed him what we eat at night or just baby food. We have had successful days with only 1 or 2 bottles, but the daycare has only been cutting back a bottle or 2 when he is there. I am going to give it some time before I start take him off the bottles completely. So far, Hutch's favorite table foods have been 1- Red Beans and Rice (thanks, Jess), 2- ice cream (I have never seen his eyes grow so big & his arms flap so fast. I thought he was about to take flight) 3- any kind of bread, but he loves my Mom's homemade biscuits!, 4- carrots, 5- homemade applesauce, 7- tortillas, 8- mashed potatoes....and the list goes on. It is so much fun experimenting with foods. His expression is always priceless. And he always goes, "mmm- hahahaha" after he takes a bite. We realized that when we would feed him, we would usually say, "mmmmm." Well, then he started saying that. When he would say it, we would always start laughing. SO, now he not only says it, he immediately laughs afterwards. AND the end result is, "mmmmm...hahaha!" Smart little creatures, aren't they???

Hutch can also pull himself into a sitting position now. He LOVES to sit. He is now starting to pull himself up on things. Very scary for Jeremy & me. The last first I can share with you is certainly not least....Hutch had his first haircut! Yes, we decided it was time for the signature 'do to go. I mean, afterall, we have a 9 month old on our hands, and we thought it was time he had a "big boy" haircut. Here are some after pics..... (oh, and yes, Jeremy & I took on this task ourselves!)

Aw, no more big curl. We placed it in a "my first curl" keepsake container- the hair was so thick, it is sticking out on all sides underneath the lid!

AND it still stand straight up. We think it's super cute.

Hutch's new grin- wow, he is a ham.

Doesn't he look like a much more mature 9 month old now? Haha! This is him afterwards kickin' it his monkey pjs.
So, that is all for now...on my lunch break, so I have to head back to work! I am really excited about heading to Houston this weekend. I am helping throw a baby shower for my dear friend, Jennifer (JJ). Afterwards, I am spending the night with Carly. Nothing like some good qt with my sister! Haley, wish you would be with us! :( Hope everyone has a great rest of the week & weekend!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello, 2010

How was everyone's Christmas? We had SO much fun, and as always, it just went by way too quickly. This year especially flew by, as we were only in Jackson for a few days. Hutch had a fabulous time, however, kickin' it in MS with his Aunt Carly & Grandparents for a week. So, here we are in a new year, huh? Wow, can you believe it is 2010? 2009 was such a fantastic year, and we are so looking forward to see what 2010 has in store for us. Our NYE was pretty low key here...I had surgery on Thursday (out patient, so I was home the same day), so my Mom so graciously offered to come stay with us for a few days. Besides sleeping alot (due to pain meds & anesthesia), and hobbling around, we have had such a great time while she has been here. Today is my first day out of pj's since Wed.! The downside of the surgery is that I can't lift anything heavy for the next 4 weeks- Jeremy is going to have his work cut out for him. I hate not being able to pick up my little boy...and sometimes it is even hard to hold him as he is quite the busy body these days. He is always on the move! Here are a few pics from over the past week.
Hutch loves his bouncer- he has just discovered that he loves crawling under it as much as he loves sitting in it! He just started crawling & he is ALL over the place.

That boy still loves to have his picture taken.

Being super silly. Do you see those carrot stained cheeks? Nice!

He loves being naked, too. He has a blast in his bouncer. We try to limit the time he spends in it, however, to make sure he is getting plenty of time on the floor to move around.

We were able to spend Christmas night in Utica with Mee Maw and Paw Paw. The next morning, they drove us all out to look at the farm. I think Hutch is definitley wanting to live the country life. Hmm......we had such a great time in Utica!

How cute is this pic? This was also taken in Utica...Hutch is in Paw Paw's lap.

Nothing like a good Christmas day nap- you should have seen Hutch devour his dressing, sweet potatoes, homemade roll, and peas. That boy can put away some food.

Opening up presents in Utica

Santa even stopped by my parents house to drop off some toys for Hutch. Hutch didn't seem too impressed, which was no big surprise. I think everyone else's excitement made up for the lack of his.

Christmas Eve with Pop.

Just before can see Hutch is very excited. As is Dad.
We hope everyone has a very blessed & safe 2010! Happy New Year!