Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fun with Family and Friends

Happy Tuesday, everyone! This weekend was JAM PACKED with things going on- we had so much fun! To get things started Thursday night, Hutch had his first bath in the "big bathtub". We have moved his baby bathtub to the closet! Yay! We probably should have done this weeks ago, but I just didn't think about it.
Here is Hutch prior to his bath having fun with his Dad. I think this photo is priceless.
Still hanging out with Dad....all smiles, as usual

Just for the record, that is not a pink bow in Hutch's hair, it is a shower poof. I am sure Jeremy will appreciate me pointing that out.

Do you think he likes baths???? He had SO much fun splashing water & chasing after his little ducky. He loves to drink the bathwater, too. Maybe he will get over that pretty quick?

I headed to Houston Friday to help host my friend, Jennifer's baby shower. She & Chad are expecting a little girl March 1. Everything turned out so cute & we had such a great time! Here are all of the hosts & the mommy to be. (Amanda, Jenn, Alissa, me)

You know a southern girl's got to throw in a picture of food! Haha! We had some divine dishes. AND, check out my diaper cake. First one I ever made, and I think it turned out so cute!

Amanda decorated wine glasses for people to take home as party favors. Attached to each glass was a note thanking everyone for attending. Aren't the flowers beautiful, too?

Super cute cake made by my very own sister, Carly! Thanks again, Carly!!!
AND, the lovely cake maker herself with her work of art.

I just LOVE this picture. Sunday night we met up with some family here in Austin for dinner at Matt's El Rancho. Here is a pic of Hutch with his cousin Amy (and devoted blog reader- love you, Amy!). I think this is one of my all time fave pictures!
I had a great time in Houston kickin' it with my besties & sister. After the shower, Carly & I hung out at the Galleria & found bridesmaid's dresses! They are gorgeous! Gotta run- at lunch again! Jeremy & Hutch are headed to Odessa Friday & coming back Monday. House to myself all weekend! Not sure what my plans are, but I definitely plan on some relaxing! Have a great weeke everyone!


  1. Wait, b'maid dresses?!? Is sweet Carly ENGAGED???? If so I'm SUPER happy for her!

  2. I loooove the pictures! Hutch takes after his aunt Haley in two ways- he loves baths and food! I also love the dresses you and Carly are wearing! My sisters are so beautiful!