Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello, 2010

How was everyone's Christmas? We had SO much fun, and as always, it just went by way too quickly. This year especially flew by, as we were only in Jackson for a few days. Hutch had a fabulous time, however, kickin' it in MS with his Aunt Carly & Grandparents for a week. So, here we are in a new year, huh? Wow, can you believe it is 2010? 2009 was such a fantastic year, and we are so looking forward to see what 2010 has in store for us. Our NYE was pretty low key here...I had surgery on Thursday (out patient, so I was home the same day), so my Mom so graciously offered to come stay with us for a few days. Besides sleeping alot (due to pain meds & anesthesia), and hobbling around, we have had such a great time while she has been here. Today is my first day out of pj's since Wed.! The downside of the surgery is that I can't lift anything heavy for the next 4 weeks- Jeremy is going to have his work cut out for him. I hate not being able to pick up my little boy...and sometimes it is even hard to hold him as he is quite the busy body these days. He is always on the move! Here are a few pics from over the past week.
Hutch loves his bouncer- he has just discovered that he loves crawling under it as much as he loves sitting in it! He just started crawling & he is ALL over the place.

That boy still loves to have his picture taken.

Being super silly. Do you see those carrot stained cheeks? Nice!

He loves being naked, too. He has a blast in his bouncer. We try to limit the time he spends in it, however, to make sure he is getting plenty of time on the floor to move around.

We were able to spend Christmas night in Utica with Mee Maw and Paw Paw. The next morning, they drove us all out to look at the farm. I think Hutch is definitley wanting to live the country life. Hmm......we had such a great time in Utica!

How cute is this pic? This was also taken in Utica...Hutch is in Paw Paw's lap.

Nothing like a good Christmas day nap- you should have seen Hutch devour his dressing, sweet potatoes, homemade roll, and peas. That boy can put away some food.

Opening up presents in Utica

Santa even stopped by my parents house to drop off some toys for Hutch. Hutch didn't seem too impressed, which was no big surprise. I think everyone else's excitement made up for the lack of his.

Christmas Eve with Pop.

Just before can see Hutch is very excited. As is Dad.
We hope everyone has a very blessed & safe 2010! Happy New Year!


  1. Ahhh! I just want to squeeze him! I love the picture of him naked in his bouncer. He's so happy! And he looks HUGE in the picture in PawPaw's lap! I think it's the grown up clothes! Please make sure he is in a onesie when I see him for the first time so I don't freak out. We need a skype date soon! I love you sister... Happy 2010 (or 2053 if you are in Thailand) !!

  2. Haley...2053??? What??? i'm confused!!
    Lindsey...3rd pic down is my FAVE!!!! He really need to be wearing the "Lock up your daughters" shirt that he has! haha! I can't wait to see you next weekend. I REALLY wish little man was coming but I'm glad we get our quality time too! I love you!!!

  3. In Thailand it's the year 2253 (that's waht I meant... not 2053)! They have a Buddhist calendar so it's a little over 200 years ahead of ours! Crazy, huh? So everywhere here says Happy 2253!

    Have fun hanging out (ugh). I am jealous! Love you both!

  4. Ok, wrong again. It's 2553! oops!