Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Post of First's

Hello, everyone, and Happy Tuesday! We made it through Monday, and I don't know about all of you, but I was super excited on Friday to have completed a full week of work after the holidays. Why is that first week with no time off so hard to get thru? Anyways, over the past week or so, we have encountered a few "first's" with our little dude, so I thought I would share them with you! First of all, we have a crawler on our hands now! Oh. My. Gosh. It is quite the workout keeping up with that fella as he tries to scoot all over our house. He is constantly trying to put electrical cords in his mouth, chew on dog toys, pick up our floor mat that leads out to the backyard, etc., etc. Phew......it is quite exhausting, but so much fun! He is definitely a curious little thing...not much gets past him! We are also slowly trying to get rid of that bottle. He eats so much- we are so fortunate that he is not a picky eater! We have been trying to feed him what we eat at night or just baby food. We have had successful days with only 1 or 2 bottles, but the daycare has only been cutting back a bottle or 2 when he is there. I am going to give it some time before I start take him off the bottles completely. So far, Hutch's favorite table foods have been 1- Red Beans and Rice (thanks, Jess), 2- ice cream (I have never seen his eyes grow so big & his arms flap so fast. I thought he was about to take flight) 3- any kind of bread, but he loves my Mom's homemade biscuits!, 4- carrots, 5- homemade applesauce, 7- tortillas, 8- mashed potatoes....and the list goes on. It is so much fun experimenting with foods. His expression is always priceless. And he always goes, "mmm- hahahaha" after he takes a bite. We realized that when we would feed him, we would usually say, "mmmmm." Well, then he started saying that. When he would say it, we would always start laughing. SO, now he not only says it, he immediately laughs afterwards. AND the end result is, "mmmmm...hahaha!" Smart little creatures, aren't they???

Hutch can also pull himself into a sitting position now. He LOVES to sit. He is now starting to pull himself up on things. Very scary for Jeremy & me. The last first I can share with you is certainly not least....Hutch had his first haircut! Yes, we decided it was time for the signature 'do to go. I mean, afterall, we have a 9 month old on our hands, and we thought it was time he had a "big boy" haircut. Here are some after pics..... (oh, and yes, Jeremy & I took on this task ourselves!)

Aw, no more big curl. We placed it in a "my first curl" keepsake container- the hair was so thick, it is sticking out on all sides underneath the lid!

AND it still stand straight up. We think it's super cute.

Hutch's new grin- wow, he is a ham.

Doesn't he look like a much more mature 9 month old now? Haha! This is him afterwards kickin' it his monkey pjs.
So, that is all for now...on my lunch break, so I have to head back to work! I am really excited about heading to Houston this weekend. I am helping throw a baby shower for my dear friend, Jennifer (JJ). Afterwards, I am spending the night with Carly. Nothing like some good qt with my sister! Haley, wish you would be with us! :( Hope everyone has a great rest of the week & weekend!

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