Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Glass Castle

I typically only do "book reviews" if a book is really bad or really good. And, this one, my friends, gets 5 stars from me! Google can provide a much better summary of the plot than I can, so I will keep this to a minimum. This story is actually true- the author tells her story about growing up with parents who refuse to conform to the expectations of society. While reading, I definitely developed a love/ hate feeling towards the parents & their peculiar ways of living. Jeannette Walls is such a talented writer & story teller. I highly recommend this read!

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  1. I'm reading something that left me on the edge of my seat! First, Pooh gets some balloons from Eeyore but a wind carries them away. Wait, it gets better. So then they spend the day searching for the balloons. In the end, the balloons are located and all is well for Pooh and his friends.

    ....someday I will read a 'grown-up' book