Saturday, February 13, 2010

Meet the Uglies, Pretties, and Specials

Who doesn't love a good young adult series??? I mean, talk about easy reads! My parents bought me the first book (Uglies) for Christmas, at the recommendation of Carly, and I LOVED it. I quickly picked up the remainder books in the series & polished them all off within a couple of weeks. I personally blame the Twilight series for my new found addiction to books targeted towards 16 year olds. I mean, why read about complicated & twisted plots, books that really mean something, and novels that make you think, when you can read about the troubles & traumas of teenagers? This series was very entertaining, to say the least. It reminded me of a modern Brave New World, where society is completely mandated by the government. Until the age of 16, everyone is an "ugly." When reaching the much anticipated of sweet 16, you receive an operation that transforms you into a "pretty", and you leave all your worries behind. The main character of the book, Tally Youngblood, is convinced by a friend that receiving the operation to make you a "bubblehead" may not be all it's cracked up to be. Thus leaving us with this series that involves rebellion, adventure, and of course, teen age love. :) If you are up for a fun, quick read, I recommend!


  1. I am so glad i am not the only person addicted to "young adult" series!!!!

  2. You forgot the Extras! That's the 4th one... it's a little different but still a part of the series! I managed to find it in Bangkok... I can bring it home for you in March!