Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Party Time

Yes, friends, I have done it again. Photos to the extreme. BUT, it was Hutch's birthday party, so I have an excuse to go overboard with the pics in this post, right? We had such a great time Sat. evening as friends & family came over to help us celebrate Hutch turning one (or as several other moms told me- it is a celebration of you making it through the first year). We had such a great turnout, and although Hutch was a bit overwhelmed by the number of friends and family that came over, he had a great time. Here are some pics I took:

Hutch hates hats. I mean, hates them. This was the only pic I was able to take of him in his bday hat. And, if I must say so myself, it's pretty darn cute.

Thank you, Etsy, for the cute homemade banner idea. I saw there were LOTS of people that made these. I thought it would be fun to make my own! And, as you can see from the pictures that follow, I went a little crazy. Once I started making this banner, I just couldn't stop!

So, I thought I would make one for the food....

I just thought this was a pretty sweet photo.
AND, I made one for the "cupcake bar." Ok, just so you know, the kiddos went crazy with this. It was so much fun! I had strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla cupcakes that I arranged in a basket. I placed out bowls of different flavors of frosting, sprinkles, marshmallows, and gummie bears. It was definitely a hit. And, the adults enjoyed maybe as much as the kids.
And, I thought, well, I might as well make a sign for the big kid bar, too! So, here is our "grown up bar"
Close Up
Hutch making sure his Dad isn't burning the burgers
Kori with 2 of her 3 sweet girls- Reese & Annika

Little Reese having some fun
Check out these 3- are they having fun, or what? These girls are SO sweet & just adore Hutch. Especially little Reesie- we think she has a little crush on Hutch.
Hutch telling Uncle Pletch all about how cool it is to be 1.
Miss Hayden- is she adorable, or what?

Jessica, Kent, and Katherine
Emmerson, Kelly, and Brent

Annika taking a coloring break in the garage
Jeremy's parents, Doug & Lynn (OR, as Hutch will someday call them- Grandpappy & Monie)
Zoned out from all the sugar intake.
Myrtle, Mary, Amy, Tommy, and Kelly
Hutch loves his Uncle Jarrod
I just love this picture.
Mary & Christopher
Jason, Maggie, Emma, and Amy- or maybe its Jason, Emma, Maggie, and Amy. I still can't tell those 2 girls apart. Aren't they cute?
Jamie, Buddy, Ryanne, and Adam
Uncle Tom and Mary
Yay! Hutch is this many....

Ok, these are a few pics from his first party at daycare- the sweet ladies that watch him everyday threw him a party last Thurs. and invited Jeremy & I to attend. OR maybe we invited ourselves. I can't remember. Anyways, the point is, we were there & we had a ball! Hutch loved the homemade chocolate cake Ms. Mary made for him.
Cassandra & Mary, along with Ariella, Hutch, and Alex
That piece of cake doesn't stand a chance
Ok, how cute is this? This is what we immediately saw when walked into the daycare that day.
We had so much fun celebrating Hutch turning one. AND, although we certainly missed everyone who could not make it in, we were so fortunate & incredible blessed to have so many family & friends present. We love you all! Happy birthday, Hutch!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hutch!

Today Hutch turns 1- wow, I still can't believe it! It seems like yesterday that we were at the hospital anxiously awaiting his arrival. His daycare threw him a party yesterday, and Jeremy & I were able to attend. They had his room decorated & made a cake for everyone. It was so sweet & thoughtful! We are having a birthday party for him tomorrow night at our house to celebrate.

Hutch, you are such a blessing in our lives & we thank God for you each day! We honestly don't know what we did to entertain ourselves before you got here! We love you more than you will EVER know. Happy birthday, baby boy!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

....And They Lived Happily Ever After

Brace yourselves. This post is photo-overload. Carly & Marc are now officially, "Mr. and Mrs. Ramirez", and I couldn't be happier for this lovely couple. We had such a fun, action-packed wedding weekend. I wish we could just do it all over again. The entire weekend was filled with so many exciting are some shots I took. Now, let me warn you, I discovered this weekend that I have ALOT to learn about my camera. Not quite sure how to take action pics, and I am still working on the lighting piece. BUT, some of these pictures were just too cute to pass up & in my little opinion, totally "blog worthy". Enjoy...

Here are the newlyweds taking a break from the dance floor at the reception. The reception was at Hal & Mal's & everything was perfect. What a great turnout! Carly looked A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. and was definitely one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen. Now, I know I am partial, but even if I weren't her sister, I would still think that...

I love my sisters!
This is the infamous Jackie Bell. Apparently, she is pretty famous in the blues circuit. She was quite the character & was definitely successful in getting the crowd going. She sang some tunes with the House Rockers. I think she took a liking to Hutch. Note: check out Haley in the background. Now, those are some moves.

Love this pic.

I just thought this was pretty- the decorations were awesome.

Another pic that didn't quite turn out so great, but check out these lovely ladies. Here are Carly, Mom, and Brandi.

I just love this photo.

Hook 'em! The Groom's Cake.

Here is the wedding cake. I adore the backdrop.

Me & Shannon

Laura was a lifesaver by putting that little man to sleep. What do you think about that seer sucker, huh??? Nice....

Hutch hanging out with Paw Paw before the ceremony.

Family Pic!

April & Haley

Check out the adorable boutineer that Hutch is rockin'. I thought it was so cute. One of Carly's friends pinned Hutch, "Hutcheberry Fin"

The flowers were so pretty!

I am going in reverse order, so bare with me. Here we are at the bridesmaids luncheon @ Fairview Inn. Check out the cute bridesmaid's gifts!

I just loved this pic. Call me crazy...I just think it is sweet.

Blushing Bride?

Two of our hosts- Jan & Lisa. All of our aunts & grandmothers did such a great job on the luncheon- everything was PERFECT! Thank y'all so much!

My Aunt Lisa is incredible with flower arrangements. Here is a pic of the centerpiece for each table.

My beautiful grandmothers
Bet you didn't know Haley was so sophisticated.

Daniella & Mamo

The Rehearsal Dinner was held at Nick's & it was an absolute blast. Hutch gave it all he could to stay awake.

Haley & me

Haley, April, and Cassie (Carly's Proxy!)
Marc & Carly

On Friday, my Mom hosted a brunch with manis & pedis for a bunch of us. Here are Mom & Gloria (Marc's Mom). I love this picture!

Just a candid shot of all the ladies.
My sisters...XOXO
Check out this spread!
Hutch just being mishevious over the weekend....
Hutch loves his Aunt Haley!

We kicked the weekend off with lunch at McAllisters on Thursday. It as just my Mom, Carly, Haley, Hutch, and me. It was a beautiful day & so much fun to just chill out before all of the weekend events.
Have I mentioned that I love my sisters? Wow, siblings are such a blessing, and I couldn't ask for 2 better ones!

So sad that the weekend is over, but I am thrilled for Marc & Carly as they begin their new life together! Congrats, sister, and I am so proud of you!