Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hutch!

Today Hutch turns 1- wow, I still can't believe it! It seems like yesterday that we were at the hospital anxiously awaiting his arrival. His daycare threw him a party yesterday, and Jeremy & I were able to attend. They had his room decorated & made a cake for everyone. It was so sweet & thoughtful! We are having a birthday party for him tomorrow night at our house to celebrate.

Hutch, you are such a blessing in our lives & we thank God for you each day! We honestly don't know what we did to entertain ourselves before you got here! We love you more than you will EVER know. Happy birthday, baby boy!


  1. Happy Birthday Hutch! Your fave twins can't wait to see you tomorrow at your party! Hugs!

  2. AWE!! That is the sweetest blog ever! I'm in tears (way too emotional these days!). I love you Hutch! Happy Birthday!!