Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Random Post....

I promise I have full intentions of devoting posts to a single topic that is non-Hutch related. I mean, I love my child dearly, but I can come to terms with the fact that my audience may not be quite as anxious to see all of my recent pics as I am to post them. So, here are a few random thoughts for you on this Thursday morning....

1). The Southern Invasion of NYC: Pick up the most recent edition of Garden & Gun magazine to read all about how southern culture is making a presence in the Big Apple. I have blogged before about how much I love this mag, and I'm not gonna lie to you- there have been a few issues I have been a little unsure about. However, this one, I LOVED! I think my newfound affection for NYC definitely had me tuned into this article. Great read!

2) Other related "reading" news- I just rec'd a notification that The Help is available for me to pick up at the library! Yay! Must be a good one, as I have been in line for it for over a month now. As soon as I can put down my current Nora Robert's book- which btw, my gosh, Nora, can your books be any more similar to one another? I mean, really, can't you just try to spice things up a bit? I need a Nora break asap. BUT, I just can't put down a book without finishing it (unless it is really really bad), so hopefully, I can wrap this up in a couple of days. Now, if only my Lady Gaga CD hold would show up, I would be a super happy lady. Are there any other Lady Gaga fans out there- I love it! And I'm not ashamed to admit it! Her songs are so darn catchy! Back to reading- I have my Book Club meeting tonight- yay! I am making lovely little BBT's to take. What's a BBT, you ask??? Well, let me tell you....

3) BBT- Bacon, Basil, and Tomato Sandwich. And, friends, let me tell you, this isn't your healthy type of sandwich. Of course, now I may just be bringing BT's b/c my new basil plant I picked up yesterday at Newflower (the guy told me his has lasted 3 weeks already) is just about dead. I love basil, too. I mean, it's SOOO good! So, my mom's recipe originally just calls for bacon, mayo, roma tomatoes, and white bread- BUT, I thought basil would be a nice touch. We will see how she's faring up when I get home.

4) Hutch & I are headed back to Houston this weekend! We are really excited about spending the night with Carly & then finally meeting little Makella (Jenn & Chad's baby girl) for lunch on Sunday. Then, we are off to Penny's shower! Jeremy will be kickin' it solo at the casa this weekend to try & take advantage of some study time. I could lie & say all this goin' drives me crazy, but I won't do that to you- I love it. I have such "go-itis" that I start to climb the walls if I am in one place too long. We had a couple of weekends where we had no plans, and I was so excited, but when those weekends finally rolled around, I was so ready to get out of our house, I could hardly stand it. Poor Jeremy- he is certainly the vicitim here- he could think of nothing better than laying low on his Saturday's & Sunday's.

Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Look, I've been reading the same book since last fall. In fact, this is bad, but I was kind of thinking it would be nice to get sick for a couple of days so I could read on it. Pathetic I know. I LOVE the library but I can't stand having a library fine. I feel like a criminal. Glad you look forward to getting your holds from the library - it's fun!