Thursday, April 15, 2010

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Happy Thursday! So, I affectionately labeled this post due to the randomness of it's content. I had alot of different things I wanted to post about, but due to time, I had to throw it all in together. This past weekend we headed over to Rollie Pollies to help my friend, Regan, celebrate her little Samantha's 2 year bday! We had such a great time & the gym where the party was held was so much fun! Hutch was a little overwhelmed & a bit too young to enjoy all of the festivities, but we all had fun, nonetheless... Here are some party pics.....

Regan & Samantha
Little Emmerson- is it worth mentioning that this is the 2nd pic of E on my blog with a cupcake? Hmmmm.....
Hutch- not really sure what's going on.
Samantha on the rings
Hutch's first slide you can see, he loved it.
I had a few more pics from Easter Sunday. After Jeremy's parents hit the road, we took the party outdoors to enjoy the nice weather. I thought these were so cute- especially the ones of Hutch and his Daddy.

AND, then we have the Easter pics that did not make the photo album, but were just too darn cute to not post.

We are so ready for the weekend....another relaxing one for us! We are headed north to Georgetown on Saturday evening for fajitas with the fam. Mary & Nelson invited us over to help celebrate my cousin, Jill, moving to Austin. Yay! Then, I am helping at the church nursery on Sunday.
Tomorrow is definitely a bittersweet day for us, as it is Hutch's last day at his current day care. We decided to make a change based on a lot of things (I will spare all the details.) Regardless, it was a very difficult decision & one that Jeremy & I put alot of thought into. We will certainly miss the ladies who have watched him everyday, but we are thrilled to begin our new place on Monday. Hutch's new room is much more suited for his age group & he will have alot more structure with his daily activities. When Jeremy picked him up today, they said they are having a going away party for him tomorrow with enchilladas, rice, and beans- Hutch will certainly be in heaven.
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!!!

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  1. Where did that handsome little fella learn to pick his nose :) ?!?!