Friday, April 9, 2010

It's a BOY!!!!

Did y'all know that Carly is preggers? Yes, indeed, and we were SOOOO excited to find out this week that she is having a boy!!!! Yay! It just makes me happy to think of all the fun times ahead for Hutch and his future little cuz. Obviously, we would have been thrilled if it had been a girl or boy, but I was secretly hoping for a little 'fella. She is due Aug. 19th. Hope everyone has a delightful weekend- we have 0 plans & I couldn't be more excited. Well, I take that back- we have a bday party at McDonalds tomorrow for a little girl in Hutch's daycare & then we have another bday party for my friend, Regan's little girl, on Sunday. BUT, that is all! Hope y'all have a relaxing one....we are ready for a little R & R.

OH, and don't know if you read my "blogaholic" post, but I noticed there was an "anonymous" post stating, "Stay off my blog!!!" Well, I was a little amused & excited b/c I thought, "Yay! Random people look at my blog, too!" BUT, then I started thinking it was a bit rude & maybe someone has been seriously offended that I have repeatedly visited their blog. I thought, "Is there some sort of tracker I don't know about that reports back to blog users when their sites are visited by people they don't know?" I really did start to worry about this. Well, Wed. night, Jeremy got home from work and said, "Stay off my blog, ok?" Yep- the comment is from him. I thought that was hil-ar-i-ous. Have a great weekend!


  1. Please tell Carly I said CONGRATS!!

  2. Jeremy's blog comment...pretty funny.
    Oh, and I thought the "it's a boy" thing was about y'all...nice joke!