Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Yesterday at church our pastor paused for a moment to recognize all of those who have served or have loved ones who have served in the military. He had them stand up & everyone applauded. This led me to think about all of the wives who have husbands overseas right now. It made me think about all of the children who haven't seen their Daddies in months because they are fighting for our freedom. And it then led me to think about my Grandfathers who served and all of their stories that we will never fully understand or grasp. I am so guilty of not praying nearly enough for our soilders. When I really pause to think about the price they are paying and the price of those who have paid for us to live like we do each day, it literally brings tears to my eyes. Regardless of if you think our current war is right or wrong, remember what today is about! Happy Memorial Day!

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