Thursday, May 27, 2010

Weekend Getaway

We had SUCH a great time last weekend! My Mom flew in Thursday night & we headed to San Marcos Friday morning for what was intended to be a short shopping trip at the outlet malls. We were there for 6 hours!!! Needless to say, we had much success! Hutch was great, too, surprisingly. I don't think I would have been too happy of a camper if I was stuck in a stroller for 6 hours. Anyways, we headed to San Antonio afterwards to spend the night. We stayed at the cutest little hotel! It had only been opened for 3 weeks & supposedly was haunted. Luckily, we didn't encounter any ghosts! Here is Hutch & my Mom enjoying dinner on the Riverwalk. Me & Hutch
Here we are in the spot where Jeremy proposed to me!
I thought this was a cool pic.
The Alamo.

The Emily Morgan Hotel- Carly & Haley, this is where we stayed in San Antonio when we came to TX for the reunion many years ago!

Saturday morning, we headed further south to Hebrenville for a baby shower for Carly & Marc. It was quite the party! We had a fabulous time!!! Here is the Mom to Be!!!!
Mom & Carly & Jordan
And you can imagine our surprise when the Mariachi Band showed up! That definitely kicked the party up a notch!
Hutch had a ball playing outside.
Carly & Marc cutting the cake.
Check out this 'do!
I just love Marc's expression in this pic!
And look at this present! haha!
Looks like Ryder is geared up to be an Astros fan!
Ahhhhh, this little girl is SO cute!
And there were even personalized candy bars....
Is that smile contagious, or what?
Mom & a very sleepy Hutch
Glad I caught this on film! Check out his shirt- on backwards & inside out!
After making the trek back to Austin & dropping my Mom off at the airport, I went home to meet Jeremy & his grandmother, Alma. She spent the night with us & went with Jeremy to take Hutch to daycare on Monday- I thought this picture was so cute!
I hope everyone has a safe & fun Memorial Day weekend! Jeremy is heading to Houston for the day on Saturday, but other than that, we have 0 plans, so it should be very relaxing!


  1. Ahhh no one told me there was a mariachi band at the shower! That sounds like my kind of party! AND personalized candy bars! Wow... I will remember things like this when I try to make decisions in the future about living in other countries!

  2. No one knew about the Mariachi band sister!! ...until they were coming through the front door! haha! It was great!! You should consider things like that. We definitely miss you here! I love you!