Sunday, May 16, 2010

Where a Kid Can be a Kid

We decided that the time had come today for Hutch's first Chuck E Cheese adventure. Or maybe Jeremy & I just wanted an excuse to play ski ball & eat pizza? OR maybe I just wanted an excuse to play ski ball & eat pizza? REGARDLESS, we had a great time despite the fact that it was decided that Hutch is probably a wee bit too young to really enjoy what the Cheese has to offer. Lucky for us- all of the things Hutch enjoyed were free, so Jeremy & I were able to take turns blowing all of our tokens! :)
I have many fond memories of going to the old Chuck E Cheese in Jackson off 55. I can still remember the dimming of the lights & "show" that consisted of loudly singing muppets/animals/things while flags danced to the tunes. For all of you Jackson folks- remember the old Elvis room & Beatles room? I can also remember my fave rides- the old blue helicopter & "ferris wheel". I also recall that cheese pizza being absolutely heaven sent. Well, today I had a bit of a reality check & had to snap out of my past- very quickly, might I add. I had to ask the guy at the cash register if the shows were running this morning & he resonded that they run every 5 minutes. We had been there for almost an hour & hadn't even noticed. Aw, so disappointing. No production at all. AND, the pizza was not bad, but it didn't live up to my lofty memories. And the blue helicopter & ferris wheel? Replaced by fire engines & little red sports cars with Stuart Little as the passenger. Oh, childhood, I really missed you today....BUT, I will say- I did spend quite a bit of time playing ski ball & I am proud to say that I am still HORRIBLE at it. At least some things haven't changed...So, here are a few shots of Hutch having fun in his own unique & special way at Chuck E Cheeses today!
Apparently, this is a new thing- I guess if it's your bday or something you stand in & tickets fly everywhere for a minute or something. Hutch just liked kissing the glass. And, no, I didn't stop him. I just took pictures.

The great thing about going at 11:30 is we had lots of room for Hutch to crawl around. I think this was what he enjoyed most!

Ahhh, does that smile not just melt your little heart?

Hutch really liked Chuck.
Hutch & his Dad. Notice the no beard? Jeremy got an itch to shave it off this morning. I am on a "Bring the Beard Back" campaign. I think I am winning.
Hutch decided if he was old enough to be at Chuck E Cheese's, then he was old enough to eat a slice of pizza all by himself.

Just cruisin' with Stuart.
Not a fan of the horseback ride. So, he's not quite the little cowboy just yet. But, hey, he's only 15 months old.
Hope y'all have a great week! We are SO excited that my Mom is flying in Thursday night to ride with us to Carly & Marc's first baby shower in Hebernville. I am off Friday & we are heading to San Antonio to spend the night en route. It should be so much fun! I hope that y'all had a great weekend!


  1. His hair is getting so long! I'm requesting a repeat trip to Chuck E. Cheese when I get home in November! Give the little man a kiss from his favorite aunt!

  2. Favorite aunt being...ME!
    and without the beard, Jeremy and Hutch look even more alike! haha! Those are ADORABLE pics. I love the one of him looking up at Chuck-E. Too cute! I love you sister!