Thursday, June 24, 2010

Couples Shower!!!

This past weekend we had a great time co-couple hosting Carly & Marc's Couples Shower with Daniella & Jason! It was great to see my Mom, friends, and all of Marc's family. While I was too busy chasing a newly walking 15 month old to take pics during the shower, I was able to take a few shots of the decorations beforehand. Everything turned out very well & the lovely parents-to-be had a great time! Here are some decorations:

Little Ryder's name banner
The bar, need I say more? Check out Carly's super cute flower arrangement on the side. She is so talented.
The cute is this? And it matched the invitations. Did I see Hutch stick his finger in it while just a few people were looking? Maybe I did, maybe I didn't.
The sign in table- her sign in book was Put Me in The Zoo- one of Carly's favorite stories when she was a wee one. AND, the coolest thing? My Mom actually brought her book for people to sign. So, it was her original!
The entry way- newfound love for Martha Stewart stickers.
Diaper cake & cupcakes. The diaper cake was so much fun to make! And, even better, it had a liter of Titos as its center- fun!!!
Food Table pre-party
Another flower arrangement by Carly. My flower arrangement would have looked nothing like this, just so you know. I think she takes after my Aunt Lisa!!!!
Less than 2 months before Ryder makes his debut & we can't wait!!!!!


  1. I just noticed that this blog entry was posted at 4:41am...what the heck were you doing up at that hour? Crazy Girl! I love the decorations for Carly's shower. You southern girls are so creative! Hugs!

  2. Amy, I can promise you I was not up this early. My blog clock is weird, so it always lists the time out as about 2 hours prior to when I actually posted.:)

  3. LOL! My hotmail account does the same thing! That's funny!

  4. Lindsey, thanks for the compliments on the flowers....however, I must say that your decorations was AWESOME and so unique! I love them. I actually have them sitting in a bag. I have no idea what to do with them, but I CAN'T throw them away!!! haha! I love you!