Thursday, June 10, 2010

On The Move

Let me start by apologizing that I have not checked in lately. WHEW, things have been super busy around our house & I feel as though I am just now catching my breath! I was in St. Louis all last week for work & this past weekend was super busy with different going-on's. I volunteered to help out at the Austin Pride Parade Saturday night- this is the 2nd year I have helped & it was alot of fun! I was so tired that night & really just wanted to hang out with the fam, however, I am glad I volunteered. It was a great crowd & it was a blast. Plus, we were right in front of the Roller Derby Ladies & they were a hoot! Definitely stole our show, but well worth it. Anyhow, I have been snappin' some pics of Hutch since my last post, so here ya go!

Oooooh, yeah....check out this 'do!

On Saturday, Jeremy & I took Hutch to Zilker Park to play & then we had lunch at Whole Foods. I looooooove Whole Foods, but why does it have to be so dang expensive? I can fight through the crowds, and the staff is super friendly, but, MAN, it is pricey! But oh so yummy & worth the splurge every now & then. Here are some pics of Hutch at Zilker.

Snapped this while Hutch wasn't looking. I'm convinced he was just waiting for the little ladies to join him on the jungle gym. And, I mean, REALLY, with this could any of them resist?
I couldn't resist a b & w shot.
Yes, this is me at the bottom of the slide trying to convince him to slide down. He is looking at Jeremy at the top, who is also trying to convince him to slide down. He just wasn't feelin' it that day, I suppose.
New kicks! So, I picked up these shoes b/c I loved them & they brought back memories of shoes that my cousins, Kell and Peyton, used to wear as kids. Come to find out, they are a bit different, but they are still a little "old school" to me and remind me of being a kid......... & I just love them! I want him to have a pair in every color! AND, Jeremy approves, so even more reason to rack up! Aren't those the cutest chubby feet you ever did see?
AND, Hutch obviously likes them!
All grins on this Wed. morning....

Not only are we on the move, Hutch is starting to walk! He is sure taking his sweet little time, but that is ok. He will take several steps in a row & then just sit down. I don't even think he really looses balance- the only thing this kiddo is loosing is interest. He just loves to crawl! Oh, well, at least we are making progress- he has really been practicing alot lately. AND, in true Hutch fashion, when he does grow bored & just suddenly sits on the floor- he consistently follows it up with a round of applause for himself. Nothing like a little positive reinforcement, right?
He loves sticks & must find at least 2 every time we go outside.
Proud little walker.
I just thought this was a cute pic.
All is good with the world when Dad is around. Sorry for the blur- blame it on the humidity. I could not keep my lense from fogging the whole time we were outside!
I love this expression
Well, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! Carly is coming in town this weekend for a bachelorette party, so I am looking forward to seeing her! Nothing else on tap, so it should be nice & relaxing around our house! XOXO


  1. Hutch has cankles! Can we pleeeease skype this weekend so I can see him in action!?

    ps- a year ago from now I was just getting to Austin! :( Little Dude was only a few months old! Can you believe it's been that long??

  2. Awww, sister!!! That makes me sad- we miss you so much!!!! Yes, we can defitely skype!!! Love you tons!!!

  3. On the pride there going to be some clarification? Are you coming out of the closet or was this part of Hutch's Sunday school field trip on Sodom and Gomorrah? Hey, I'm still waiting for the "Austin's tolerance of all things except intolerance" parade.